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Blog Traffic

Getting Blog Traffic Is Hard But Here Are Some Tips

Every day an enormous amount of men and women start up a new blog.  Problem is they do not end up sticking with it simply because they’re not getting the blog traffic that they want or were expecting instantly. The issue is that the majority of people  starting a blog don’t actually know how to market it properly.  Most think you just write and blog traffic will come.  Maybe it’s because people just don’t understand how to market their blog properly. In this article I will be talking about a couple of easy strategies you can use to get blog traffic.

Blog Traffic

My first advice to you would be not to blog about yourself. No one really cares to see another blog on what you had for breakfast.  I would say the only time this would be okay is if you are famous.  Okay, then what you had for breakfast is cool because you are Brad Pitt.  So, if you aren’t famous and you are writing about daily activities then this is probably a huge reason why you are not getting blog traffic.  Instead focus on writing about something you are interested in,  something that is interesting maybe to your readers, something that provides value to your readers and so on.

Next, share your blog post in social media groups that welcome blog posts.  You should also consider visiting forums, begin posting content in the forums and then make sure you have your blog link in your forum signature.  If you join in on conversations and do it naturally, then people will most likely become curious about who you are and check out your blog.  Which results in more blog traffic for you.  You can also try and ensure that the forums you join are related to the topic of your website.  For instance, I am an internet marketer and I write internet marketing tools, therefore, I frequently visit forums like Warrior Forum and Better Networker.  You can easily do a Google search to find a forum on your topic of your blog.  I would give you a word of caution when you start interacting in the forum you find, DO NOT spam.  Just simple carry on a healthy helpful conversation and the blog traffic will come naturally.

You also want to ensure to do trackbacks and pingbacks to various other blogs which you have linked to, making sure that they know about you. When people find out that you have mentioned them, they are likely going come see what you said and so will a number of their readers.  By following this tip you will most likely get plenty of blog traffic just by discussing other people’s blogs.

In order to create more awareness about your blog you will want to actively start commenting on other individuals blogs.  The majority of the time when you leave a comment on another blog,  you are able to leave a website link in the comment which will be pointing back to your blog. I would suggest though that you target blogs that speak about the same or similar subject your blog is about, because then you will get targeted readers that will more likely continue reading your blog.  This is also a popular way of building links to your blog plus getting blog traffic.  Don’t try to take a shortcut and use a software program for commenting, Google is smart and most likely it will appear as you are a spammer.

Once you start getting blog traffic you will want to ensure that you are updating on a regular basis.  Keeping your blog updated every day is among one of the best ways to assure that you are going to continue getting traffic to your blog plus your readers will like the fresh content. and hopefully enjoy coming back for new content.

These are just a few easy tips for getting blog traffic, what are your favorite ways to get traffic?

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