make money blogging

Make Money Blogging

Maybe you have thought about blogging, have tried blogging but didn’t have any success with trying to figure out how to make money blogging.  Either way I am hear to hopefully give you some valuable tips to help you get started or at least ease the pain of overwhelm.

In the video below I interview Jake Kevorkian, our good friend and one of the co-founders of Numis Network on his brand new journey into the world of blogging.

I see many, who venture out on the path to make money blogging and expect instant results.  Most choose the blogging strategy in our industry to generate leads or make money blogging with sales.  The reality is, when they jump in feet first they realize the writing part is easy but the hard part is how the heck to get readers / traffic.

Getting traffic usually requires you knowing how to rank on the first page of Google through mastering keyword research, backlinking, etc….  If you want an all in one extensive course on how to save time with your SEO efforts CLICK HERE to access my good friend’s course.

Now if you don’t want to figure all this out on your own and just show up to do your part in writing consider this….

It all does truly start with leading with authentic value.  I don’t agree with outsourcing the writing of your blog posts.  I don’t agree with buying articles to make money blogging.  And…I don’t agree with using automating blogging posts.  That is if you care at all about building a brand and a loyal following online.

If you want a loyal following you need to write from your own experiences and deliver the value in your own words.  Some of the top bloggers in our industry are writing their own posts with their own personality, just as my good friend Jake is starting out doing.

I give him huge kuddos for not getting bogged down on the backlinking, SEO strategies, Google rankings, keywords, etc…

That’s not saying he shouldn’t do these strategies but as a new blogger it’s best to first master one aspect of the blogging process first.  Which Jake, as you will see in this video has done.

In my opinion just show up everyday to your blog and write.  Share your passion and leave the technical stuff to an outsourcer.  This way blogging won’t feel like it’s a tremendous amount of work and all you have to do is show up and share your thoughts, experiences and value each day.

Enjoy! Make Money Blogging

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