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So You Want to Make Money Blogging?

Seems pretty easy right?  Just get yourself a blog and post valuable content everyday and as long as you have an offer on your blog you are positioned well to make money blogging.  Wrong….

I actually went and did a search on this topic, “make money blogging” and while all the posts gave great advice on how to get your blog going, pick a niche, buy a domain, host that domain, install wordpress, pick a theme, and start writing on a topic related to your niche, no one on the first page mentioned that you must have traffic to your site to make money blogging. Sadly, because so many are mislead in this industry into thinking that if they just follow the above steps and post a piece of content a day they will start generating leads/income from their blog.

The bad news if you don’t have traffic you won’t make money blogging.  Traffic does not magically appear.

So, the purpose of this post is to educate you on what you really need after you have your blog all set up and you are writing a piece of valuable content everyday. Therefore, truth #1, If you want to drive traffic to your blog so you can make money blogging then you are going to need some juice power. I am going to assume for the purpose of this post you already have an offer on your page, an opt in box, an affiliate product, ad sense, etc….

Here is what I recommend if you want traffic to your blog:


You are going to need backlinks if you want to even come close to competing with the big dogs on the first page of Google or any other popular search engine.  The best quote I heard from a guy ranking #1 on many keywords in our particular niche is, “Go Big Or Go Home!”  This means pull out your wallet and go big if you want to compete.

The more backlinks you have over those on the first page of a search engine the better you will be ranked for a particular keyword.  Therefore, if Johnny has 2197 backlinks to the keyword “make money on facebook” then you are going to need 2198 backlinks to out rank him. Keep in mind also that your backlinks need to also be quality backlinks, therefore it helps to have these backlinks from high ranking authority sites.

So, how do you get backlinks?  Well there are a number of tools you can use to get powerful backlinks and I will mention a few here.  These are the ones I use and have been successful with when it comes to ranking on the first page of Google for a particular keyword.

  • TribePro – This is a content syndication site.  This site works by you willing to share other’s posts among the social bookmarking sites and in return they will also share your posts.  Each post shared is a backlink to your post. The key is to make sure you are following several individuals who are also members in TribePro who are willing to syndicate your posts.  The more you follow the bigger the juice power and Google will view your post as something of value since it is being shared among several social bookmarking sites.
  • Only Wire – This is the power behind TribePro.  Just being a member of TribePro is not enough.  You must connect an only wire account to TribePro to actually make the sharing work among the social bookmarking sites.
  • Article Marketing Robot – This is a great tool for getting backlinks also to your posts.  This particular program will take your spun article/post and submit it out to over 2000 article directories resulting in backlinks to your original post.  You will need to make sure you spin your articles with a program like Best Spinner.
  • ABC – This is a great plug in you can install on your wordpress blog that will also create backlinks to your original post.  This is a powerful tool that you can also submit your spun article/post to and the ABC plugin will submit automatically to other blog rolls among the category you choose. There is also a link submission tool on this plug in where you can submit the link to your blog post to other blogs in your niche.  Therefore creating, two opportunities to get powerful backlinks to your post.
  • Outsource – If all this seems like a lot of work, then you might want to consider outsourcing each post that you want to rank with a specific keyword to a company like ODesk. Note though, this can get quite expensive.
The key here is to write for profit if you want to make money blogging.  This means do your due diligence in researching your keyword with a program like Google Keyword Tool or a paid program with more power, Market Samurai.  Write a quality 400-500 word post SEO optimized and submit for backlinks among the programs mentioned above.  Just remember the more backlinks you get over the competition for you particular keyword the better your chances are for ranking above that competition.  Which in return provided you have an offer on your blog will mean you can start to make money blogging.



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