Facebook Welcome Video

Facebook Welcome Video Today I answer your questions from my Facebook Fan Page and today I want to address how to create a Facebook Welcome Video. I love this question and think it is actually a GREAT idea to getting more fans and building your list of subscribers.  As these two things grow you will [...]

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How to Use FB Post Magic

How to Use FB Post Magic - Just One Spectacular Money Making Idea If you are an affiliate marketer, internet marketing, wanting to generate leads, build your subscriber list, network marketer then you need to check out what I just did with the FB Post Magic tool.   Inside the video below you will see [...]

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Targeting on Facebook

Effective Targeting on Facebook? Today I want to address another question that was posted on my Facebook Fan Page in reference to Targeting on Facebook. Here's the question from Pamela Wheelen: "You might want to focus on the people who use face book to determine if it would help your business and the people who [...]

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FB Post Magic

FB Post Magic As a Facebook marketer who builds multiple businesses online using Facebook, the FB Post Magic has me very excited at the possibilities. What is the FB Post Magic? In the below video I show you how I generated over 40 leads in less than 12 hours using this new powerful tool. Simply [...]

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Disapproved Facebook Ad – Why?

Disapproved Facebook Ad - Why? So you got a disapproved Facebook ad and you can't figure out why.  This is a common theme I hear from many marketers trying to figure out what Facebook will allow and what they won't allow. Often times you can just read the email from Facebook, "disapproved Facebook ad",  they [...]

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Facebook Police

You Don't Need to Be the Facebook Police Mike Klingler, not too long ago decided to encourage people to become the Facebook police by reporting status updates that you felt were hype in your news feed. Okay, wait a second if you decided to take this advice or you agree.....  Didn't you accept this friend [...]

2016-11-30T12:19:10-06:00February 7th, 2013|Facebook Marketing|6 Comments
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