FB Post Magic

FB Post Magic

As a Facebook marketer who builds multiple businesses online using Facebook, the FB Post Magic has me very excited at the possibilities.

What is the FB Post Magic?

In the below video I show you how I generated over 40 leads in less than 12 hours using this new powerful tool. Simply put you create a post, add a video or image, add your list name from your auto responder, add a title / description and click submit.  By clicking submit / post you have now successfully set yourself up to start collecting leads right from your Facebook news feed.

Currently this tool is only being released in a pre-launch phase.  I highly suggest if you are using Facebook at all to build your business you grab this tool now before the price goes up on the official launch by clicking here ===> FB Post Magic (try a different browser if video isn’t working)

In the video below is a quick demonstration on how easy it was for us to generate over 40 leads in less than 12 hours using the FB Post Magic.

Why would you want to collect leads for your business?  Have you ever heard the money is in the list?  Any marketer knows that the list is their goldmine.  Building a list is the key to success for any marketer.  Studies show that 1 subscriber is equal to $1.  If you have a list of 5,000 you should be making $5000 a month if you are monetizing your list correctly.

So for us when we see tools such as this, FB Post Magic, that can make list building even more effortless we buy it.  Stay tuned for more updates on how we are utilizing this tool in our own business.  Click HERE to get your’s today. (try a different browser if the video doesn’t play)


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