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Disapproved Facebook Ad – Why?

So you got a disapproved Facebook ad and you can’t figure out why.  This is a common theme I hear from many marketers trying to figure out what Facebook will allow and what they won’t allow.

Often times you can just read the email from Facebook, “disapproved Facebook ad“,  they send to your inbox on the reason why Facebook took action to deny your ad.  Many times, Facebook fails to give  us a reason, which leaves us marketers just pondering what the heck was Facebook thinking.

In January of 2013 Facebook recently updated the image guidelines for Fan Pages.  The profile image, ad image, cover photo image can not have text that takes up more than 20% of the image.  I spoke with support at Facebook and they mentioned they are using a 12×12 grid that they place over the image.  If the text is outside of the 5×5 area of the 12×12 grid they will deny your ad.

The kicker to all this, lies within the video below.  You see even if your ad is in compliance they can still deny your ads if your Facebook fan page is not.

Disapproved Facebook Ad – Why?

Many times people come to me and tell me they have a disapproved Facebook ad and they can’t figure out why, but need my help.  Unfortunately without actually diving into that person’s account, I can’t give an exact reason, since there are too many different variables that come into play when it comes to an ad getting disapproved by Facebook.

Therefore, I am sharing with you different scenarios I see on a regular basis that are causing ads to get disapproved.

Don’t give up on Facebook advertising as it is profitable if you can overcome the hurdles.  Continue to educate yourself, continue to use trial and error, continue to tweak your ads, continue to optimize your ads and you will figure it out in no time.

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