This is NOT What We Like to Call Facebook Marketing

Would you like to use Facebook marketing to promote your home based business?

In this article I’m going to reveal one way that does NOT work when it comes to using Facebook marketing as your vehicle to promoting your business.

But the good news is…

I’m also going to reveal how we’re successfully using Facebook Marketing to successfully build our business online.


Facebook Marketing: The Wrong Way To Do It?

I get it….you start a new business, you’re excited, and you want to share your business with the world!!

First thought…..Facebook marketing!

There are over a billion people on Facebook, why not yell from the roof tops to the entire Facebook world.

Nope….. won’t work…. don’t do it.

Okay maybe a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile but finding a nut every once in awhile won’t make him fat and healthy.

Facebook Marketing

Here’s why…..

In today’s Facebook marketing world people are a lot smarter now.  They can see and smell a pitch a mile away.  They are bombarded daily with spammy marketing messages in their news feed.

You know the ones….

“Check out how much money I made today!  I am so happy I found this business. You have to check this out!”

“Wow….I just had the most amazing shake ever and it’s only 120 calories.  I have lost over 10 lbs. this month!  Ask me how??!!”

“OMG!  I just saw this amazing webinar where this lady taught us how to generate 50 leads using one simple method on Facebook. Want to know how?  Send me a PM.  I can’t believe this works so well.  I am finally able to quit my JOB!” 

“I am so thankful for XYZ….. it’s not too late for you to jump on board with me.  Check out this link to learn more.”

Facebook Marketing


Sure way back when Facebook marketing was still a hidden gem these things may have worked from time to time but times have changed.

Fact is….. when you are constantly pitching your products and/or opportunity to your friends on your personal profile you’re probably annoying about 99% of your friends.

Umm….probably pretty embarrassing if you knew what they were actually saying about you.

Look…..they could care less about your product.

They could care less how much money you made last month.  They could care less about your bragging status update…..

What they care about is how you can improve their experience with life.

If you can’t do that, you run the risk of just being another annoying marketer.


Facebook Marketing: How Do I Do It The Right Way?

I want to help you today…..

Check out this video below where I share a story from someone on the outside seeing an MLM Rep’s constant status updates on Facebook in her newsfeed.

Make sure you watch the entire video to the end where I’ll provide you an excellent solution to overcome your Facebook Marketing challenges.

I hope you got value from this video on using Facebook marketing for your business.  If you did or you have any questions feel free to comment below and share this post.

Also I mentioned the 10 day Attraction Marketing bootcamp.  You can get FREE access to it by clicking on the image below. Enjoy!


Facebook Marketing


Finally, by now you’ve learned a lot about how Facebook marketing done the right way can help dramatically build your business. If you haven’t already, there’s a good chance that you’d like to start utilizing paid advertising to build your business online.

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