Targeting on Facebook

Effective Targeting on Facebook?

Today I want to address another question that was posted on my Facebook Fan Page in reference to Targeting on Facebook.

Here’s the question from Pamela Wheelen:

“You might want to focus on the people who use face book to determine if it would help your business and the people who you would basically target with your ads are on facebook because it might not be for you if you are offering products that senior citizens would be interested in ie life alert.”

This is a GREAT question! What’s great about Facebook is if you can put on your creative thinking caps you can target just about anyone with any offer you have.  Targeting on Facebook is a great tool to use and if you want to get massive results you need to understand targeting and how to find that target.

In the below video I go into more depth about targeting on Facebook and how you can find your perfect target.

Targeting on Facebook

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