Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon Just Sucks!

That’s right I said it, Ray Higdon sucks.  Shame on me for thinking 7 months ago, if I can’t beat him I should just join him, which I did in Numis Network. But, let me explain why he sucks.  Ever since I decided to partner up in August with Ray in Numis Network I can’t just take a break. I am constantly working my butt off to stay on top! Meaning working 7 days a week and ridiculous hours.  Why am I so insane to do so? Because, Ray started this friendly little competition.  He would never admit it but ever since I beat him at the Live the Dream event on the most sign ups things have not been the same.  haha!

Okay, Ray doesn’t really suck but he does push me to work hard.  Which means all sorts of crazy hours to keep on the top of the MLSP leaders boards, the Numis Network leader boards, the NES3 affiliate contest and yes much much more.  He is a machine and if someone would just kidnap him for a weekend, I could actually just take a nice break and not worry about losing my top position.

So, I sit here with a recent notification of how my lead just got taken by Ray.  Geez!  All I did was take the weekend off and this is what happens.  Sure, I have been watching him all weekend make a push to take my lead and honestly I didn’t think he would, but he did.  Yep, Ray Higdon Mr. I am not human took the lead.  Game on!

I am now declaring an all out competition on Ray Higdon!

All it’s just all in fun!  Really I love a friendly competition.  Ray you are awesome, if you are reading this but come on….chill for a bit.

I really don’t care about winning it’s losing that I can’t stand! And don’t believe Ray when you see this offer.  If you want that massage you still gotta pay for you airfare and lodging! I am exposing a loop hole to you.  Whew….aren’t you glad I am here for you that would of been one expensive massage!

Ray Higdon


So here’s the game plan guys.  If you don’t have your NES3 tickets it’s time to get them no later than Tuesday night.  Why Tuesday?

We will be playing a game of questions and answers and this is how it’s going to work.

You think of a burning question you have concerning your home business (a question that’s been on your mind and which if you knew the answer to… you’d be able to unlock all the secrets to life’s challenges). When you register for the Q&A session (which takes place this Tuesday at 6:00 PM PST), go ahead and ask that question and let’s see what the NESIII speakers have to say especially Ray and I.

Then you and I can sit back and grade each of us to see who has the best answer, how does that sound? Btw…it won’t just be Ray Higdon and I doing the Q&A, it will be some of the other amazing speakers too but yes, you bet Ray and I will be there for you.

So, Click here to register for the Q&A session.

Update on the bonuses from Bill and I:

Bonus #1 – Each No Excuses Summit 3 VIP ticket gets  you to our 1 day private mastermind event with Bill & I held on the day before NES3 starts at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. All purchasers will be notified of the exact location in March.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #2 –  No Excuses Summit 3 buyers will get a ticket to our Live Event in May held in Naples, Fl, which will actually be one day before Ray Higdon’s live event in May.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #3 – Everyone who buys a ticket from us will have a chance to win one Apple I Pad. One lucky person will win and the drawing will be held on March 15th, 2012.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #4 – No Excuses Summit 3 buyers will also get our Facebook Marketing Overload Course for FREE and the newest course coming out in a month.  This course will be Facebook for any type of business not just internet marketing / network marketing.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus # 5 – Everyone who buys a No Excuses Summit 3 ticket from us will get our recently released Blogging for Profits Course.  This course teaches you how to set up a blog using wordpress, how to install the necessary plugins, how to write a search engine optimized post, content syndication, and how to install the “big daddy” of plugins to get your post on the 1st page of Google.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #6 – The first 10 buyers will get 4 – 1 hour coaching sessions via webinar from Bill and I.  We are masters at marketing and whatever it is you need to be coached on we can do it!

You must make sure you click HERE to buy and that be the last page you have opened pertaining to NES3 or your purchase won’t go through us.  If you want the above bonuses from us then we will gladly give them to you but you must buy from our link.  We look forward to hanging out with you in VEGAS!!




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