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If you want to be successful in MLM and/or network marketing, there is no short cut. No matter what the online marketers tell you, communication with people is key to MLM sponsoring.  If you are not achieving the desired results in MLM sponsoring, you typically don’t need to look too far to understand the reason why.  In the following post I will discuss some of the reasons as to why you may not be achieving the success in MLM sponsoring that you are looking for.

If you want to master the art of MLM sponsoring, then know that communicating with prospects is a must when it comes to building a successful network marketing business.  This means if you are generating leads online or offline you still need to communicate everyday with those leads.

The facts behind lack of success when it comes to MLM sponsoring?

I have never been one to sugar coat the facts.  I am one who will shoot straight with you and cut through the fluff to help you achieve all that you are capable of doing and all that you deserve.  So if you want the hard cold facts then read on, if not then let’s re connect on the next training post.  I have put together some facts that I have discovered through my own journey in MLM sponsoring.

Fact #1 – Reason For Lack of Success in MLM Sponsoring

Lack of talking to people….

How many people are you connecting with live each day?

This should come as no surprise.  The lack of talking to people is one reason why people are not having MLM sponsoring success.  Many do everything that it takes to figure out the lead generation process, but what they are lacking is one simple strategy, talking to prospects. Ask yourself everyday how many people did you talk to about your business opportunity. If it’s less than 5, then this is definitely an area that you can improve upon.

Keep a spreadsheet next to you that you can use to check off the amount of people you talk to everyday to track your efforts. This will help keep you focused on what is necessary to achieve MLM sponsoring success. Another suggestion is to have an accountability partner when it comes to MLM sponsoring.  {Note….email communication and leaving voice mails does not count as making connections.}  In order to achieve success you should actually be connecting live, with at least 5 people a day.’s okay to be fearful of talking to prospects.  Just know that the only way to overcome that fear is to face fear right in it’s face and conquer it.  The more you face your fears the easier it becomes to conquer it.  Always remember fear is just another emotion just like being happy, excited and what creates fear is the negative possible outcome that we are focused on.  Try and focus on the positive outcome of what could happen if we face our fears and conquer it.

Another suggestion to overcoming fear, especially if you are paralyzed by fear  is to contact your upline to help with the insecurities that your fear is causing.  Many uplines are willing and eager to help their downline if they just reach out.

If you want another tip to keeping yourself on track, visit my most recent post on the 10 penny strategy.

You should also focus on contacting at least 10 people a day for 30 days to create momentum, then apply this strategy again for another 30 days and so on.  Breaking down your routine into 30 day increments creates a much more manageable goal to achieve.

Talking to several people a day is just a numbers game and eventually all the no’s you receive will result in a yes.  It’s the law of averages and eventually the “yes” will come up.

Fact #2 – Reason For Lack of Success in MLM Sponsoring

Are you talking to the right people?

Not talking to the right prospects is the #2 reason for lack of success in MLM sponsoring. Try not to get bogged down in trying to convince people to join your MLM business. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. A square peg doesn’t fit in a round hole and if you spend all your time and energy trying to make it fit, then you are taking away from the time you could be using in finding people who do fit.

Keep in mind if someone is not receptive to your opportunity pitch, then simply realize that they just are not a fit.  It’s okay. Keep in mind that if someone is not a fit at that particular time be sure to follow up the conversation with a question asking if they can recommend someone who might be interested in making additional income.  Referrals are the next best thing to any conversation that ends in a no.

Never burn your bridge or get disgruntled if someone you expected to be interested, is not.  This just may not be their time and there is always another time down the road.

Just remember if you have to convince someone to join your opportunity you aren’t going to get 110% out of that person. You want to find people who are eager, driven, and passionate about a new opportunity with you.  Look for people who are driven and are teachable. Take time to talk to several people to weed through the ones who are ready from those who are not.

#3 – Reason for Lack of Success in MLM Sponsoring

To achieve MLM sponsoring success, you should establish the skills of becoming a good listener. The facts are people want you to hear their pain and if you aren’t listening you are missing out on valuable information that you can use to position them into your business.  It’s about defining their pain and using your leadership, business, and team as a solution to solving their pain.

Listen to your prospect and find out exactly what they are looking for. Continue to focus on their pain and show them through your opportunity how you can meet their needs.  Remember though if your opportunity does not truly meet their needs then let them know that quite possibly it may not be a good fit for them.  It’s okay, to let some go because it’s far worse to have give false hope to someone who may actually not be a fit for your opportunity.

#4 – Reason for Lack of Success in MLM Sponsoring

What excuses are you making?

Subconsciously making excuses will kill your business faster than the speed of light. If you aren’t having the success you expected then be the first to recognize that you must make the changes necessary in your own routine to see a change. If you want things to get better then you have to get better.  Invest in yourself, find a mentor who has the success you desire and work closely to duplicate exact path they they took to get the success you are looking for.  Success is up to you and you can own it.


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