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MLM Prospecting Using the 10 Penny Strategy

This weekend Bill & I had the opportunity to attend the Millionaire Training 30 year reunion hosted by Larry Thompson.  What a refreshing event and to hear the success stories in our industry by those who built up their businesses, by what we tend to call now, “old school” style.  What I discovered from this event is that no matter how you are doing your MLM prospecting whether it be online or offline you must have a strong desire and a consistent game plan.

MLM prospecting is the most important part of any network marketing business if you want to be successful. Yet we tend to put our mlm prospecting on the back burner and allow our distractions to keep us from the most important activity in our business.

So, if you are at a loss when it comes to MLM prospecting, let me offer up a simple yet fun solution that we heard this weekend, the 10 penny strategy.

To start out your MLM prospecting each day, take 10 pennies and put those pennies in your left pocket.  The goal is to move those 10 pennies one by one to the right pocket so that by the end of the day all 10 pennies are now in your right pocket.  You day is complete once all 10 pennies are in your right pocket.  Larry Thompson the great icon from Herbalife used this technique throughout his career and taught his team of distributors to do the same.  He promised his distributor that if they would do the 10 penny strategy everyday consistently for 90 days, then another 90 days, then another and so on…. they would find success.

So, how do you move one penny from the left pocket to the right?

To keep this MLM prospecting simple:

1. Grab 10 pennies every morning and put them in your left pocket

2. Call and/or make contact with 10 people a day to talk about your business

3. Move a penny over to your right pocket after each conversation whether it’s a yes or no

4. When you have all the pennies in your right pocket, you’ve obtained your goal for the day!

Pretty simple eh?  Wait, it’s not make contact via an answering machine or an email.  It’s speaking to a person live each day about your business.  The key is in the beginning not to get frustrated with the no’s, but use this penny strategy as a daily plan to keep you focused on exactly what it takes to be successful in your MLM business. It’s all about prospecting and closing. Think of those no’s as a good thing and a chance for you to move your pennies to the right pocket.  The more no’s you go through the closer you will get to a yes.

Simple and fun, I love it! Let us know below in the comment section 2hat types of MLM prospecting methods do you use in your current business to keep you focused on talking to at least 10 people a day?



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