Make Money From Affiliate Marketing: 3 Questions You Need To First Ask

Make Money From Affilate Marketing

You know there’s a goldmine out there… so why are you settling for scraps?

Affiliate marketing is a great business model and it can be very lucrative…

However, if you really want to make money from affiliate marketing there are 3 questions you’ll need to ask which I’ll get to in a bit.

But first… as an affiliate marketer, there’s a good chance you’re struggling with the economics of your business model.


Perhaps you’re tired of getting lots of bite size commissions that are barely enough to keep your head above water.

Don’t get me wrong… when done right, affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn an income! (more on this in a bit)

But did you know that the majority of affiliate marketers are leaving gobs of money on the table?

Are you?

In a second I’ll share with you 3 questions that you must ask yourself in order to make more money from affiliate program.

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Make More Money From Affiliate Marketing: Why Affiliate Marketing?

When we originally came across affiliate marketing we loved the idea of it for our business.

Simply put, you can drive traffic to an affiliate offer and earn a commission every time someone buys the product using your affiliate link.

As soon as you generate a new customer the affiliate company will handle product fulfillment, delivery and customer service.

There is a huge upside to this model if you don’t have products of your own.

It was a great way to have a low maintenance and low overhead online business.

But what we didn’t realize was that the affiliate system or product owner was making up to 10x more revenue per customer than we were.


Here’s why…

Most affiliate programs will pay you only on the front end offer.

The front end offer is a way to get new customers “in the front door”. By offering a low end, inexpensive product the affiliate company is providing a low risk/low barrier of entry way to acquire new customers.

Typically the front end offer is a product ranging anywhere from $7-$99.

The affiliate company will gladly pay you 30-40% commission on the front end offer when you bring them new customers and buyers.

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing


So What’s The Catch?

Typically, the affiliate company will have employees and other hard costs such as…

  • Product creation
  • Marketing
  • Fulfillment
  • Customer service

After these costs are paid for the affiliate company may not make any money on these low end front end products.

So why would they do this???  Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Because they have back end offers ($100-$499) that they will offer the customers you bring in as an up sell.

The unfortunate part is…

Rarely do you make any commissions on the back end offers!

A large percentage of their revenue will come from these back end offers because they’re not paying out a dime of this revenue to you.


To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing You Need A Profit Maximizer

Furthermore, a smart affiliate company will also have a product called a “Profit Maximizer”.

A “profit maximizer” is a product or perhaps a mastermind or event that can be priced anywhere from $1k up to $50k.

This is where the company makes the majority of their profit.

But again, as the affiliate… you’re cut out of this piece of the pie.

But what if there was a way for you to make money from affiliate marketing that included you being paid on the “profit maximizer”?

Wouldn’t this be something you’d want to have in your business model?

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing: Do You Own The Customer?

Finally, when you bring in a front end customer to the affiliate program… do you own the customer or does the affiliate company own them?

You see, in most cases the affiliate companies will gladly pay you to bring in front end customers because you’re building their customer base for them.

You get a small upfront commission and the company now has a new lifetime customer… promoting back end offer after offer over time.

They profit immensely on the back end from your initial hard work on the front end.

The downside to all of this is that you’re left earning small bite size commissions ($9 here… $24 there) while the costs of internet traffic and promoting these offers gets more expensive.

The net result is unless you’re a “super affiliate” or an internet traffic guru…

The economics of affiliate marketing don’t work out in your favor.



How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

The fact of the matter is… many affiliate marketers are barely squeezing out a profit.

Due to the…

  • Time and effort of marketing
  • The costs of traffic
  • The small commission percentages

If you don’t have the proper system in place, affiliate marketing is far less profitable than it used to be. Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Look, if you want to know how to make money from affiliate marketing…


You want to find out if you’re losing out on potential affiliate commissions…

Ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. Does your affiliate program have a back end offer or up sell that you earn commissions from?
  2. Does your affiliate program have a profit maximizer from which they share revenue with you?
  3. Does your affiliate program pay out up to 90% commissions on products?

If you answered “no” to at least one of these questions then you’re leaving money on the table.

Again, as the affiliate… you’re the one who is bringing the customers and buyers to the company.

In short, the affiliate company needs YOU to bring them business!

Shouldn’t you make more than just scraps from an initial low tier, front end offer?

Absolutely you should!


Make Money From Affiliate Marketing: Next Steps

Now that you’ve watched our video and you know a little bit more about the realities of affiliate marketing…

Let me ask you these 3 questions:

  1. Would you like to get paid on back end offers that you don’t have to build out yourself?
  2. Would you like to earn commissions on a profit maximizer that could be upwards of $10k per customer?
  3. Would you like to be a part of an affiliate program that pays you up to 90% commission on products that you sell?

If you said “YES” to any of these questions then I’d like to invite you to check out our brand new 7 Figure Freedom Formula. 

Make Money From Affiliate MarketingLook, the fact that you’ve read this far says a lot about you.

Obviously you’re passionate about affiliate marketing and you care deeply about your business and making a significant profit.

Now it’s time for you to take the next step and start earning the large commissions you know you deserve.


If you’re still not where you want to be with your affiliate business and know you deserve better then click on the link to learn more.


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Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

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