How To Sell More: The 4 Critical Elements of Sales

In today’s crowded marketplace if you don’t know how to sell your product or service… your business won’t survive.

In fact, the ability to sell is arguably the most important skill to ensure the long term success of your business.

However, in order know how to sell more of your product…

… you’ll need to understand the 4 critical elements of sales.

I’ll reveal the 4 critical elements of sales in a bit, but first…

Did you know most marketers only incorporate one or two of the 4 critical elements of sales into their content, Facebook ads and sales copy?

The problem is… if you miss just one of the 4 critical elements of sales your sales message will miss the mark and you won’t move people to take action and buy from you. 

So whether you’re a…

  • “Solopreneur”
  • Business owner
  • Ad agency
  • Direct sales person

… you need to start implementing the 4 critical elements of sales right now.

Once you do, you’ll be able to appeal to the emotions of your target audience and covert more prospects into life long customers.

Sound good?

Then let’s dive in!

How to Sell More – The 4 Critical Elements

There are 4 critical elements to sales that always need to implemented regardless of your industry or product.

I call these 4 elements F.A.B.B.

The 4 F.A.B.B. elements are:

how to sell more

Here I am teaching a group of entrepreneurs how to sell more.

  1. Features
  2. Advantages
  3. Benefits
  4. Benefit of the Benefit

The 4 F.A.B.B. elements should be applied regardless to the type of sales “conversation” you’re conducting.

Whether it’s a…

  • Phone conversation
  • Face to face sales presentation
  • Sales webinar
  • Sales letter
  • Advertisement

Knowing the 4 F.A.B.B. elements are essential if you want to sell more of your product because it will allow you to speak to your audience on an emotional level.

Let’s cover each of the 4 elements individually.


1.) Features  

A feature is literally what a product has for characteristics.

Features are facts.

For example, the type of technology that a computer uses (think “Intel Pentium 4” processor) or the ingredients in a weight loss shake.

As a marketer who wants to know how to sell more product, it’s important that you’re able to discuss the features of your products.

how to sell more

This will obviously demonstrate a fundamental understanding of your product.

The problem is, most new or inexperienced marketers make the mistake of “feature dumping” all over their target audience.

Meaning, they just blurt out all of the features (tech stuff or ingredients) of their product without explaining how that is going to solve their audience’s problem.

The issue with this is, most people don’t buy a product just because of the features.

As I will show you here in a bit… people buy for emotional reasons and generally speaking features don’t have any emotion attached to them.

They’re just characteristics of what the product contains.

For example, I never bought a computer because it had an “Intel Pentium 4” processor in it.

So while knowing the features of your product is important, if you want to sell more you will also need to know about the advantages.

 how to sell more


2.) Advantages

Advantages are what make your product, service, or company different from all of the rest.

Also, advantages serve to explain how the features work or what they do.

An advantage distinguishes you from the competition.

In today’s competitive landscape, if you want to learn how to sell more of your product then it is very important that you can speak to the advantages of your product.

It’s highly likely that your potential customers are shopping around and considering other products as well.

Your ability to articulate how the features work and why your product differs from “all of the other stuff out there” is critical if you want gain a larger customer base.

For example, your weight loss shake may have a patented process for it’s formula and therefore it’s the only one out in the market that has these particular ingredients.

That is a great advantage that you’ll want to add into your marketing and sales copy.

If you want to master how to sell more to customers then incorporating the advantages into your sales and marketing is a must.



3.) Benefits  

A benefit is what the product does for the consumer.

How to sell moreMore specifically, it’s how your product solves your prospect’s problem.

The benefits will tie together the features and the advantages and help to sell your audience on how this product will help them.

Getting back to our weight loss shake example…

A benefit would be something like “Gain more lean muscle mass” or “lose those last 5-10 lbs. that you can’t seem to get rid of.”

As you can see, the benefits really help to make the prospect realize that by purchasing your product they’ll receive a tangible solution to their problem.  

Remember… communicating the benefits that your customer will receive is critical if you want to know how to sell more of your product.

how to sell more



4.) The Benefit of the Benefit  

Good copywriters  and sales professionals will place a significant amount of emphasis on articulating the “benefit of the benefit” in their sales letters, sales presentations, and ad copy. 

The “benefit of the benefit” goes beyond just the obvious benefits. 

Benefits like “Lose 10 lbs.” or “Gain more muscle mass” are really just scratching the surface of why a person buys.

However, if you want to sell more of your product you’ve got to go deeper than that.

When you explore the “benefit of the benefit” you’ll tap into an emotional feeling that your prospect will experience as a result of using your product.

Let’s revisit our healthy shake example.

I’ll pick up where we left off with the Benefit and then follow it up by underlining the “benefit of the benefit”.

“Lose those last 5-10 lbs. So you can finally fit into that slinky back dress again and watch all the men’s heads turn as they see you walking into the ballroom.”


“Gain more lean muscle mass and watch how your wife gets back that twinkle in her eye when she sees you for the first time with your new body.”


More than anything, people buy for emotional reasons and justify their purchase later with logical reasons.

As you can see, the “benefit of the benefit” taps into an emotional state that your customer will experience as a result of using your product.

This is what they want!

For example…How to Sell More

A guy doesn’t care about how many Megabits per second the wifi has…

… he wants to be assured that he can quickly make last minute changes to his Fantasy Football lineup without any glitches or delays.

Then there’s the lady who wants to wear her slinky black dress to the company holiday party.

She doesn’t care about all the different ingredients contained in the weight loss shake…

… she wants to arrive at the company holiday party feeling beautiful, confident, and desired because she turns all the men’s heads when she walks by.

See the difference?

If you’re not tapping into your audience’s emotions by diving into the “benefit of the benefit” then you’re not tapping into the core of why people buy. 

Therefore, you’re losing out on potential sales to the marketers who are tapping into the customer’s emotion. 

In order to effectively master how to sell to customers it is critical that you present not only the benefits but also the “benefit of the benefit” that your customer will experience.



How To Sell More: Final Thoughts How to sell more

If you really want to know how to sell more of your product you must incorporate all four of the F.A.B.B. elements into your content, videos, and sales copy starting immediately!

It’s not enough to incorporate only 2 or 3 of the F.A.B.B. elements.

A balanced approach that includes:

  • Features
  • Advantages
  • Benefits
  • Benefit of the Benefit

Will allow you to tap into your customer’s emotions and increase your conversions.

Finally, if you don’t utilize the 4 F.A.B.B. elements your selling techniques will be quite limited and you won’t get as many sales. 

Now that you know how to sell more it’s time for you to apply this to your business.


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