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attraction marketing

If you are anything like me, when I first started out online I looked like a deer in headlights when someone told me that the key to becoming a top recruiter in my network marketing coming was to master Attraction Marketing.

I thought to myself……”Huh? I have to be attractive?”

“How do I find people to buy my stuff by practicing attraction marketing?”

At that time, all I wanted was to recruit more people into my network marketing company and I couldn’t understand why going online and telling people they should join my company wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t until I dug a little deeper and started analyzing exactly what other top marketers were doing in their business online.

I found myself following the same people online and soaking up all they had to offer. Some I even bought from and some I even joined them in their company!

“Hmm… did they do that?”

Then it hit me, after reading a book 5 years ago that described exactly what these top marketers were doing to me.


Through the value they delivered online, through videos, blogging, Facebook, I found myself drawn to them.

So why should you care about attraction marketing?

Because….with all the competition from your competitors online you NEED to have a strategy in place that will help you feel more confident in your ability to turn your dream into a reality, by creating a loyal legion of fans and followers.

Fan and followers who will buy from you over and over again.  Fans and followers that buy from you, follow you and trust every word you say because they are attracted to your brand and content.

If you want to have a lucrative business online trust me…..from experience and doing things the wrong way in my early years, attraction marketing has been our key to success.  The reason why we can do over 100K a month online.  It’s all because of the business we have built via attraction marketing. 

Imagine what it would feel like to finally see money coming into your business on a daily basis.  Enough money to finally get the success you deserve, all because you mastered attraction marketing like Bill & I have.

So let’s get back to what is attraction marketing?

It’s really nothing new, in fact you are most likely buying and joining programs because someone is practicing attraction marketing in their business on you. 

Think about this scenario:  Your annoying cousin has just joined a new business opportunity and the other day out of the blue he calls you, after not speaking to you for the past 2 years.  He proceeds to tell you about his new business adventure and while you may be a bit intrigued by the possibilities of financial freedom, you are still annoyed by his lack of communication with you & his agenda to just sell you out of the blue.

So you head over the the internet and do some research on the business opportunity he told you about, after you politely told him, “no thank you”.

You find pages and pages of information, but one really stands out to you.  It’s a blog full of vivid colorful videos, from a gentlemen who is genuinely offering you some amazing value and tips in regards to this business opportunity.  You spend two days following him around and learning more about him and realize you really like this guy and what he has to offer and quite frankly you can see yourself working with him, as you know he would help you achieve success.

So without hesitation, you find his buy now button and you join him.  Not….. your annoying cousin who will now be heartbroken. Instead you join someone you have never met, but felt magnetically drawn to him.

Your journey begins……

Attraction marketing

So let’s talk about some of the basic concepts you need to master in order to be a master at attraction marketing:

1. So you have a business you want to build online. The first step is to craft your message.  What kind of message do you want to convey, to what audience, in a genuine authentic way?  For example Bill & I help entrepreneurs like you build successful businesses online using one of the hottest social media sites on the internet.  We know who our audience is and we understand our message we want to convey to our audience through being authentic.

They key here is to understand what and define what you know and how you are going to convey it to your audience.

Making the mistake I did early on, which was jumping on the hottest social media platform and pitching my audience day in and day out on my products and/or opportunity does not come across as real.  In fact if you do this as I did in the beginning you will get squashed out by your competition who is REAL and AUTHENTIC.  

Don’t lead with your wallet, instead lead with value so you don’t come across as greedy and self serving.  People on the internet are smart and they can spot a greedy salesman within seconds. 

2. Be a product of your product.  This means use it, believe in it and show your audience ways in which they could also benefit.  One thing I have always practiced in our business is to never sell anything to my audience unless I have actually used it and have gotten results.  You too, should do the same in your business.  Again, authentic and real.

If you believe in the quality of your product you are selling, you will have a much more passionate attitude about sharing it with your audience and that will be attractive to your audience in itself.  The end result….BUYERS!

3.  Finally you must build a relationship with your audience on a daily and consistent manner.  Allow your audience to get to know you, like you, and trust you.  Take time to really connect with your audience through your messaging and come from the heart. This way when the time comes and you are ready to recommend an offer or a product, your audience will most likely buy from you over the next person because you have done a great job allowing them to get to know, like and trust you.  

If you practice the tips above and really master the art of attraction marketing  you too can build a long term profitable online business that will last for the years to come.

attraction marketing

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