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Video 3: Why Attraction Marketing is Key to Your Online Success

All right so here we are in our video series where Bill & I are going to talk to you & show you how we would build our business from scratch. Today’s video has to do with my favorite word in marketing, Attraction Marketing.

You just might be surprised, as we were, when we first started out online.  We really didn’t understand exactly what attraction marketing was, though we thought we did.

If you are anything like we were in the beginning you think it’s obvious, right?

But what does it actually look like in your business and are the tools you are using and the content you are providing REALLY promoting attraction marketing.

Heck I just thought it meant get online, go to Facebook, invite people to view my products and opportunity and everyone would see how amazing my products and opportunity were just like we did! Umm….that wasn’t the case.

I had to do a lot of chasing and convincing and quite frankly that was my cup of tea.  I wanted to be hunted not the hunter like all the rockstar marketers were talking about.

So if you are ready to learn what attraction marketing truly is and how you can become the hunted, click play on the video below.

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Stay tuned for the next video where we will dive into what you need to do next to convert your prospects into lifelong customers in your business.

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