Today I want to give you Sales Tips: How to make selling easier.

Sales Tips:

How to make selling easier. So sometimes you may think sales are harder than they truly are. You can be making yourself needlessly stressed out. Perhaps you are struggling with your sales pitch or your closing rate etc.

Tip #1: Instead of thinking about how you need the perfect pitch or the perfect close, switch to the mindset that you need to HELP your customer. You need to be the one that provides a solution to their pain points. What are their struggles? What are their challenges? What can they use your help with? Forget about your own challenges, take the time to uncover the pain points that your customers are struggling by providing them help with your solution. Which your solution can be a product that your MLM sells, or perhaps a system that you use to build your business, etc. By doing this you remove the pressure of sales from yourself and you instead focus on being a problem solver.

Tip #2: Ask questions. Let’s say you have someone that’s been in an insurance agency all their lives, but they don’t have time freedom, and they want to be able to discover how to make money online etc. Instead of diving in and pitching them about your MLM, their compensation plan, their business model, products, etc.  Instead, ask them why not do what you’re currently doing and continue to do that? This will make your prospect really think about what you’re saying. It’s sort of a take away for your prospect because you’re not pitching them up front. It also allows your prospect to feed you information about what they’re going through as well.

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