Hey !  Bill here today, I have hijacked Michelle’s blog….

Btw….Did that subject line grab your attention??  Are you crazy???


Well if you’re anything like me, you’ve had that exact question lobbed at you like a grenade being tossed into a bunker.

Unfortunately, this is the exact question I heard countless times from close friends, immediate family members, and even some “about to be” former colleagues. 

That’s right… I said “about to be” former colleagues. 

The reason why is because this is the exact question I heard when I told people I was going to quit my job and start staying at home to work our fledging business along with Michelle who had started building it about 10 months prior. 

People would literally look me in the eyes and ask…. 

“Dude…. are you crazy???”


“Are you out of your mind??”

or a very sarcastic…

“Good luck!” 

As if to say…

“you’ll need it because you’re little pipe dream of owning and operating your own business will never work out and we’ll see you back here again in 3 months groveling to get your old job back”

Now I don’t mean to get all soft on you here, but the fact of the matter is…. it hurt. 

(and maybe you can relate)

It hurt because most of these people had little to no idea what Michelle and I were really doing. 

It hurt because in the blink of an eye they diminished what Michelle and I were hoping to accomplish. 

And most of all It hurt because ALL of these people..these naysayers… these squashers of dreams… had so little faith in something that I had 100% belief in…ME! 

That’s right! 


Now truth be told, I have a little secret for you…. I am a little crazy!!

And you know what…. so are you because…

You’re crazy enough to think that you can break free of the shackles of your corporate job the way I did.

You’re crazy enough to think that you don’t need to spend the rest of your life just “getting by”. 

You’re crazy enough to believe that you were meant to provide more value and inspiration to others. 

You’re crazy enough to know that in your heart of hearts that you were meant to live a life of freedom and not be constantly burdened by financial or time restrictions. 

You’re like me…. you’re a bit crazy and you have 100% belief in yourself and that’s okay. 

In fact, it’s better than okay… IT’S GREAT!!! 

And because of this craziness and this belief I want to take you back to where it all started for us and invite you to a very important and deeply personal webinar. 

Tomorrow night, Tuesday at 7pm EST we will be hosting a webinar with our very good friend Ferny Ceballos. 

>>>>>>>>> RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW <<<<<<<<<

You may know Ferny as the co-founder of the No Excuses Summit (one of the largest live intensive mastermind events in the online marketing space) 

Or… perhaps you just know Ferny as the gentle giant who likes to slug back tequila in heroic proportions (either way you’re correct)

In any case….. Ferny has been a good friend and a great mentor to both Michelle and me for the last several years. 

And four years ago at No Excuses 2 both Michelle and I had MAJOR break throughs in both our mind set as well as our business understanding. 

In short…. No Excuses 2 gave us both the confidence and knowledge that we could feel good about being a “little crazy” and feel confident that we didn’t have to live our lives the way other people thought we should. 

I can confidently say that our lives were not the same after attending this event. 

So now that we’ve both admitted to being “a little crazy” I want you to do one more thing….

I want you to take your “craziness” one step further and I want you to take this important first step and commit that you will join us live Tuesday night at 7PM ESTand be prepared to have your eyes opened and your preconceived notions smashed! 

And just so you know this is NOT JUST ANOTHER WEBINAR.

On this webinar we’re going to disclose to you:

  • Exactly what the “Gooroos” have been holding out on you
  • A PROVEN SHORT CUT to get results & profit in as little as 13 hours
  • Back door access to the secret “traffic playbook” that all of the 7 Figure marketers are NOT sharing with you (but we will)
  • Ferny’s little known secret to drinking tequila thru his nose with a straw without snarfing it up all over the place (disclaimer: this may or may not be covered on the webinar… you’ll have to just attend the webinar to find out). 

>>>>>>>>>  DON’T DELAY – GRAB YOUR SPOT HERE  <<<<<<<<<

Quick Q & A about the webinar before I have to go….

Q: Will there be a replay?

A: No. Please just adjust your calendar, clear 50 minutes of time, and show up early. 

Q: Is this webinar really meant for me?

A: Yes, but only if you’re a bit “crazy” like I discussed earlier and you believe in yourself and you believe that you’re meant for bigger and greater achievements. 

Q: Will there be refreshments served?

A: Yes… but this is a BYOB webinar. 🙂 


So as you can see, I highly recommend that you clear up your calendar, reserve your spot on our webinar, and show up early for this one of a kind training …. you’ll just have to experience it for yourself to believe it. 


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