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Want MLM Success?

If you are looking for MLM success then you might want to consider what I am about to talk about today.  Recently I attended our national expansion team’s first meeting here in Dallas, Tx and heard something interesting that made a lot of sense when it comes to MLM success. I wanted to share that with you today because I think it is important if you are looking to achieve MLM success.

Let me ask you this first.  Do you find yourself joining companies that are already hot?  Ever just said to yourself that you better join because everyone else is in it?  Or…maybe you look around and everyone seems to be promoting XYZ company, so naturally you think people must be making a killing and you better jump on board? Well if any of these relate to you then you are not alone.

You see, I’ve been there and what I learned from this weekend is I was acting as a seeker and not a strategist. A seeker seeks what is hot and jumps in and a strategist strategizes.

I was at a training meeting on Sunday and my good friend Ray who spoke on the timing of network marketing companies. You see he was challenging us to take a look at all the big network marketing earners who have made millions over the years and see what all they have in common when it comes to their own personal mlm success.  The commonality that we found was that they all got in a company early, faced numerous challenges, stuck with it even during those challenges, watched others jump ship while they stayed the course, then experienced momentum with the company because they did stay the course and profited.  Ray also stated he had interviewed several top income MLM earners and not one of them got involved with a company that was in their hot streak.

Now, not everyone is going to agree with this, but for Bill and I we wanted to share, because we do agree and we are already seeing benefits of “sticking it out”.

There is a man by the name of Peter Drucker who once talked about opportunity and timing.  He states that timing is crucial when considering joining an opportunity.  Some of the points that he states when finding a perfect opportunity is that the company be over 2 years old because typically in the first two years 9 out of 10 businesses fail.  He also states that you should look for a company that is less than $50 million a year in revenue because that company will not have achieved massive momentum yet. In other words, they are not “hot” yet. In Peter Drucker’s opinion, this is the perfect time to join an opportunity for MLM success.

MLM Success – Why Less Than $50 Mill a Year?

Let’s use the example of buying stocks.  You don’t want to buy a stock that is hot at $200 a share, right?  You want to buy it before it hits $200 a share like $20 a share.  That way when it hits momentum you can profit big time when it does hit $200.  Make sense?

It’s the same with MLM.  Instead of seeking out the next “hot mlm” looking to hop on board and take advantage of the momentum that has already been accomplished, you should strategize to find a company that is building each year and has yet to achieve the big momentum phase.  Ride with the company to momentum and you will profit more than if you were to jump in when it’s already hot.

Another example, the dotcom boom.  Same thing people jumped in early, strategized and cashed in when it hit momentum.   Not the other way around.

I don’t know about you but it all makes a lot of sense to us and I guess that is probably why we learned from the past and don’t jump in on companies that are already at their momentum.  In my opinion it’s much more fun the other way and reaping the rewards when it does hit!

What do you think about this when it comes to your MLM success, comment below.


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