Vitel Review

Vitel Review

Welcome and thanks for  stopping by to check out my  unbiased Vitel review. If you’re reading this either you’ve recently become a independent Vitel representative or you’re looking to join Vitel.  Either way congratulations on doing your due diligence and my goal is to give you a straight up honest Vitel review to get you the information you deserve.

Vitel Review – So what is Vitel?

“Vitel” also know as “Vitel Wireless” is a network marketing company that retails energy, cell phone service, internet, cable, home security and other home and business essential products and services.

Vitel Review – Cost to join Vitel

Vitel has 3 different levels of membership. You can join as a Vitel Agent for $29.95, a Vitel Executive for $59.95, or a Vitel Platinum Executive for $99.95. Keep in mind that these membership costs are recurring so every month you’re in Vitel you will be billed these fees.

Vitel Review – Vitel Compensation

Vitel follows a unilevel compensation plan for its distributors. This means that for every person you enroll or sponsor, you get a certain amount in return and will continue to do so up to 7 levels on your downline. There are also Fast Start Bonuses where you get $10-$15 for each distributor you sign up depending on your rank. However, you have to be in the two higher-tier memberships before you can take advantage of these as entry level agents are not qualified. They also have “Refer 3 Get Your Cell Phone Free”, “Refer 6 Get Your Internet Free”, “Refer 9 Get Your Cable Free” “Refer 12 Get Your Energy Free” and “Refer 25 and Drive For Free” however THESE only apply to members that you enroll at $99.95 Platinum Executive Membership.

How to make a KILLING in Vitel!

So you may be wondering how to KILL it in VItel! With those INSANE referral bonuses you may think getting 25 people join you in Vitel may come easy. However, here is the HARSH reality. Most of your warm market contacts like you’re friends and family will not be willing to invest $99.95 a MONTH or $1,199.40 per YEAR to join you in Vitel. This isn’t because Vitel is a bad business by any means. I think it’s a great business.BUT I also know that the “traditional” tell your friends and family approach doesn’t work for 97% of Vitel representatives.

Want to know what DOES work?

Ok, what DOES work is learning how to use the internet to build your Vitel business, and NO I don’t mean spamming your Facebook wall every two hours about how awesome Vitel is. What I mean is learning how to use the internet as a TOOL to generate HUNDREDS of leads PER MONTH for you Vitel business. Can you imagine waking up to over 40+ emails per day from people that are actually INTERESTED and READY TO JOIN you in Vitel? Well stop imagining!

Success like this can be yours and it’s only a click away. I want to introduce you to a SYSTEM that will change your Vitel business FOREVER. A secret system that is used by the TOP 3% SIX figure networker in the WORLD and now you can have access to this SAME exact system for measly TWO bucks!

If you’re SERIOUS about building a SIX figure Vitel business in the next TWELVE months then you better check this site out before they take it down again.

It’s called “Biz Builder Academy” and you can check it out right here:

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