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Video Marketing Content Ideas

In today’s post I want to help those struggling with video marketing content.  Video marketing can be a great way to brand yourself online and a great way to generate leads online.

Right now with all the buzz around Google’s latest updates, ranking videos has actually become a much easier process than ranking articles / blog posts.

There is so much that can be be done with video and it’s one of the easiest and free ways to market online.

Besides filming yourself in videos when doing video marketing, you can also do screen capture tutorials by using something like ScreenFlow for Macs and Camtasia for PCs.

To help you get started with video marketing here are some content ideas. But remember first off,  you don’t have to be perfect, you just need to start.

When I first started making my first videos I spent hours trying to perfect the video.  What I found, is not only did it waste valuable time, the video became too scripted after the entire process of doing the video over and over.

Your viewers will appreciate your genuineness and your authenticity, even your bloopers.  Keep those bloopers in your video, it will make you REAL.  Just commit to doing your best in your videos and as time goes by your confidence will increase and you will become better over time in your video marketing efforts.

Just dive in and make videos, because the faster you get to marketing with videos the quicker you will be out your competition and own your space.

Ideas for Video Marketing:

Product Reviews – Find a product after doing some keyword research on the ranking ability and make a video of that particular product.

Teach – Talk to people in your video about the benefits of XYZ.  For example we do a lot of teachings on Facebook marketing, network marketing mindset, lead generation strategies, mindset, etc….

Questions Answered – Quite often you probably have questions yourself or you receive questions about something along the lines of marketing in our industry.  Document those questions and understand the answers.  Share this in your videos.  Chances are if you have questions or someone asks you a question, likely there is someone else out there seeking the answer.  By sharing in your video marketing efforts you will become a person of authority.

Welcome videos – Consider emailing your list a welcome video encouraging your prospects to reach out to you.

You can also grow your list by encouraging your viewers to give their name / phone number in exchange for a free webinar, report, etc.  Think about what your prospects want or are struggling with and give them a solution through video in exchange for their information to grow your list. The money is in the list….fyi.

Results or Case Studies – Consider sharing a case study or results that you have achieved.  Often times people hear about a particular marketing method but really don’t understand how it will help them in their own business.  So if you, for example, have found a way to generate leads with a particular strategy, then share that.  Even if it’s minimal results.

Yes, any success no matter how big or small could be shared to help other’s achieve the same results.

Another example in your video marketing efforts is to share split tests.  Meaning you tried XYZ, but found that YXR worked better and be sure to share your reasons as to why you felt one performed better over the other.

Tell your story – Often times this piece of video marketing content is overlooked. Share your story with your audience.  You want to connect with people so they will trust you and know that you are real.  If you have a particular struggle in your life you overcame, then share it.  If you have overcome an obstacle as a result of this industry, share that.  There are so many great stories in our industry that should really be shared and would help so many people on so many levels.

I, for example, was once a single mom of 2, struggling financially, grew up in a crappy home life, came from divorced parents, and when I share these stories, among others, with my audience, I find that the response is far greater than when I just teach.

Challenge myths or theories – You can challenge a myth or theory in video by discussing why you feel something isn’t true.  Share the facts as to why something is just a theory or myth in your video.

Share what’s behind the curtain – Get real with your viewers and share what really happens behind the scenes of your business.  Bring down the walls and share that you are real.  People want to know that you have real struggles too and also don’t forget to share the small steps of your success, don’t just wait for the big ones.  Take your viewers on a journey in your video marketing efforts.

These are just a sampling of some ideas you can use for video marketing.  Once you have nailed down some content on a regular basis you will NEED traffic.

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