Video 1: How to Make Money Online With Your Business

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Welcome to video 1 of our series on how to make money online with your business. I am going to take you on a journey and take you inside of our business that made us over 750K online in 2014.  Straight forward, real, candid, no fluff, just the real facts I will be sharing with you.

In this video I share with you how we got started in the home based business industry.  As you will see in the video I was probably very similar to you: Looking for a way to make money online with your home based business.  I was tired of chasing around friends, family members, coworkers, etc….. to buy my products and or opportunity.  So this is why I decided to venture online and I share with you what I found that all successful marketers had in place that you too should also have in place if you want to be successful.

Resources that I referenced in the above video on How to Make Money Online in Your Business.

Creating your own capture pages made easy when you have tools such as:

Click Funnels

Leads Pages

Want to leverage the exact system we leveraged to help us make money online in our business? It’s the same system we started with back in 2010 and is still a system that we recommend if you are looking for irresistible offers that are already done for you and ready to promote.

Leveraging Systems:

MLSP – Comes with a funnelizer where you can create your own irresistible offers complete with capture pages, autoresponder integration and sales pages. MLSP also has a thriving community, done for you irresistible offers that are ready for you to promote. They also have years of training in their library from other successful MLSP leaders within the community.

AttractionMarketing Formula & EMP – Is a new addition to our portfolio since 2014. It’s definitely a hidden gem within the make money online in your business industry. They too also have a capture page system, irresistible offers you can leverage to generate your own leads but I would say the difference between MLSP and EMP is probably the type of training.  EMP is more about paid advertising and if you watched my video you will hear me say this is the quickest way to success.  While there are some paid advertising strategies within MLSP too, you will also find some free strategies to use to make money online in your business.  Also EMP gives you a dedicated coach to talk to in the beginning to help you with your business.

Both have an affiliate component built in which allows you to promote the systems to the people who decide not to join or buy from you and your business.

Just a decision you need to decide for yourself. Both programs have trials, so my advice is check them both out and see which one you feel is a better fit for you and your business.

Marketing Training:

MITS – The one and only place we recommend to get the most thorough marketing training in the online industry. All taught by traffic Ninja Vince Reed. You want to learn PPC, Twitter, Facebook, Bing, Youtube, Prospecting, Recruiting?  Vince has it all in this very affordable program that I highly encourage you to take a look at if you want a one stop place to getting all your training to become a better marketer online.

Finally if you know me, you know we built our business and owe the majority of our success to the marketing method we chose and still use today, Facebook.

I have put together the most extensive Facebook course to date with over 30 modules of training covering everything from A to Z in order to be successful in your business online using Facebook.  Click HERE.

Stay tuned to our next email with a new video on where I dissect all the different marketing methods you can choose from once you have your irresistible offer put together. I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised about the truth and what it takes to implement a marketing method that will make money online in your business.



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