victim of your circumstances

Are You a Victim of Your Circumstances

There are circumstances around you and there are circumstances you are a part of, my question to you is are you a victim of your circumstances?

First let me define what I mean by victim of your circumstances.  Simply put someone who allows their own circumstances or the circumstances around them to defeat them.

In the video below I give some suggestions in on how to overcome circumstances in your own life and those around you.

There are so many negative circumstances surrounding so many that are affecting them personally and or the people they know.  Such as, bankruptcy, foreclosure, depression, death, illness, loss of job, etc. While all these are REAL circumstances and I am truly saddened by them, I want to encourage you to be someone who can inspire those who are dealing with circumstances and inspire you to overcome your own by viewing them in a different light.

I hope you find value and I want to encourage you not to become a victim of your circumstances.

If the video above doesn’t show you can view on my youtube channel by clicking HERE.


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