In today’s MUST SEE video I share with you 4 Questions to ask yourself that will show you how to get unstuck in your business.

How to build your business:

Often times people reach out to me and say ” I am currently stuck and I want to know how do I get unstuck in my business?”

Having a coach and a mentor can be critical but prior to that you can ask yourself these 4 questions to help you determine how to get unstuck in your business.

Use these questions as a self evaluation exercise to uncover how to get unstuck in your business.

1.) What is currently working in your business???
From strategies to activities, to behaviors, examine what is currently working in your business and determine whether you can do more of this or expand upon it in some way.

2.) What is NOT working in my business???
is it mindset or perhaps skill set? Could certain things be eliminated in your business or are their fixes for the things that aren’t working?

3.) What is missing in my business???
What are the missing links or puzzle pieces that are currently holding you back or limiting you? What could you add to your business right now from a system to a coach to a blueprint? What are those missing links?

4.) Where do I go from here???
Now you’re in implementation mode or action mode. What can you do now moving forward to change your business, implement new things, and fill the voids that you’ve uncovered?

For example; if you don’t have a coach, now is the time to get one.

If you don’t have a blueprint, you now need to implement one.

Or, if you’re not strong yet at selling or closing, it’s time to implement a back end sales person into your business.

I hope these questions will to teach you how to get unstuck in your business.

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