Understanding Facebook Ad Objectives

Facebook ad objectives

Have you ever noticed all the different Facebook ad objectives in the Ad Manager?

If so, are you slightly confused by all the different possible choices?

There are so many ad objectives to choose from and if you choose wrong…

… you won’t get the results you’re looking for!

What’s worse is Facebook will gladly spend your money to get you those inappropriate results!

It’s no wonder why people get confused by which ad objective to choose when it comes to advertising on Facebook.

The good news is that in this blog post we’re going to break down the 3 different ad objectives that Facebook provides.

After reading this article you’ll understand…

  1. Exactly what each objective means for you and your business
  2. Which objectives you should choose based on your specific goals

Understanding this will not only help you get the desired results you’re looking for in your business…

It will also maximize your ad budget and prevent you from wasting your precious advertising dollars.

Sound good?

Then let’s dive in!


3 Facebook Ad Objectives You Must Know

If you want to run successful ad campaigns using Facebook then you must have a solid grasp on the Facebook ad objectives and what they mean to your ads.

Facebook Ad objectives are now grouped based on the goals of your ad campaign.

To begin with, there are 3 Facebook ad objectives provided to you within your Facebook Ad Manager.

The 3 Facebook ad objectives are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion

In the image below you will see the 3 Facebook ad objectives within your Facebook ad manager.

This is the first screen you’ll see when you begin to create your new ad.

ad objectivves

We’re going to cover each of the 3 Facebook ad objectives one at a time so you get a complete grasp of what each one means for your business and your ad campaigns.


1.) Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is about telling people why your brand is important.

But in order to create awareness around your business, people need to first become aware that your business exists.

So if this is your goal, you’ll want to use the Awareness objective for your ads.

  1. Boost Your Posts – this objective should be chosen if you are looking to create more awareness around your posts that you’re creating on your Facebook Fan Page. Basically, you’re telling Facebook to optimize your ad to get more, likes, comments, and shares.  Therefore, if your objective is to get traffic to a website this is NOT the option you want to choose.
  2. Promote Your Page – This is a pretty straight forward objective.  You’ll choose this objective when you want to promote your page and create more awareness around your brand to get more likes. Facebook will optimize your ad to get you more likes.
  3. Reach People Near Your Business – This ad objective is great for creating more awareness around your business in your local area.  Great for local businesses.  With this ad you can choose a call to action beyond just asking your audience to like but also you can choose,  call now, get directions, like the page, learn more, or send a message.
  4. Increase Brand Awareness – This ad objective is very similar to the “Promote Your Page” objective. The difference is “Instagram” is an added option for placement. When you create this ad, Facebook will show your ad to the people most likely to pay attention to your ad/brand.


2.) Consideration

With the Consideration objectives we’re diving deeper into the specifics of your business. Depending on what your specific goals are relative to your business you’d potentially use one or more of the following Consideration objectives.

  1. Send People To Your Website – If you have a website and you aren’t using conversion tracking pixels, this would be the option you would choose. By choosing this ad objective you’ll get Facebook to show your ad to the people most likely to click the link to your website.
  2. Get Installs Of Your App – If you’re a developer and you’ve created an app you can advertise the app to get Facebook to optimize the ad to people who are most likely to install your app.
  3. Raise Attendance At Your Event – This ad objective works when you create an actual event on Facebook.  Choose this option to get more people to see and respond to your event.
  4. Get Video Views – Pretty self explanatory here.  If you’ve created a video and you want to get more views on that video then this would be the option you should choose.
  5. Collect Leads For Your Business – If you want to integrate a lead form with Facebook and have Facebook collect those leads for you then this ad objective would be the option you’d choose. There are several different procedures that must be in place in order for you to use this ad objective. Once Facebook collects those leads you can download the leads and upload to your email autoresponder list.

For more detailed training on Facebook ad objectives and setting up successful Facebook ad campaigns CLICK HERE


3.) Conversion

The conversion ad objective is what you’ll choose when the goal of your ad campaign is to make sales.

  1. Increase Conversions On Your Website – If you’ve created a conversion pixel within Facebook then you’d want to choose this ad objective to promote your website.  There are several different conversion pixels and depending on which pixel you’re using, Facebook will optimize that ad for that pixel. For instance, if you had a lead pixel installed then Facebook will optimize your ad for leads.
  2. Increase Engagement In Your App – If your objective is to increase engagement on your app then you’d choose this ad objective.
  3. Get People To Claim Your Offer – Choosing this ad objective requires you to create an offer within the Facebook platform.  Once you’ve created the offer you’d choose this ad objective to promote your offer. For instance, you may create an offer limited to 10 people offering them a discount on a product that you own.  In this case if you want to promote that offer this is the ad objective you’d choose.
  4. Promote A Product Catalog – If you’ve created a product catalog within the Facebook platform showcasing your products, this is the ad objective you’d choose to promote that catalog.


Facebook Ad Objectives: Final Thoughts

There are definitely a lot of Facebook ad objectives to choose from when advertising on Facebook.

However, now that you’ve read this article you should know which Facebook ad objective to choose based on your specific goals.

It’s important that as someone whose marketing on Facebook you understand and choose the right ad objective to get the best results for your business.

The last thing you want to do is waste your time or your advertising dollars by choosing the wrong ad objective.

Now it’s time for you to take the knowledge you’ve learned here and apply it to your business.

However, if you’re still not 100% sure how to utilize the Facebook ad objectives or if you’d like a little more training on how to use Facebook to build your business then REGISTER HERE for our upcoming free Facebook training event.


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