Facebook Ads That Convert

Facebook Ads That Convert

Do ever struggle with creating Facebook ads that convert?

Generating leads and acquiring customers are two of the biggest challenges that people face when running ads on Facebook.

Finding the right combination of targeting, ad copy, and ad images can make you feel like a mad scientist in a laboratory.

The problem is, without the right combination of those three ingredients…

Your  Facebook ads won’t convert well and you’ll end up spending more money then you make.

The good news is, in the video below we’re going to share with you exactly what it takes to create high converting Facebook ads…


We’re going to walk you through a few ad examples that offer solutions on how to create Facebook ads that convert.

This will help take the guess work out of your Facebook ad creation and save you countless hours and advertising dollars.

But first, check out the brief case study below and see if you can spot how this particular ad might be improved.


Facebook Ads that Convert: Case Study

Recently I got a message from a student who wanted me to take a look at their Facebook ad.

His concern was that he was getting lots of clicks, but not any conversions.

Take a look at the ad below:


facebook ads that convert


Any thoughts on how this ad could be improved?

As I was reading the copy of the ad, the first thing that came to mind was…

Who are you targeting?

I ask this because if he is targeting me or someone similar to me, I have no idea what kind of leads he is referring to.

Is he referring to…

  • Realtor leads?
  • Home Based Business leads?
  • Mortgage Broker leads?
  • Affiliate Marketing leads?
  • Home Owner leads?

Based on the current ad copy there is no way of knowing what type of business he’s in…

… and therefore the ad is too vague.

Clearly he is talking about generating more leads (that much is obvious).

But what business niche is this for?

Who is this for?

Facebook is a busy place and people’s attention spans are very limited.

You’ve got to capture your target audience’s attention immediately and there can be no question as to who this ad is meant for.

You’ll see more of what I mean in the video below.


Facebook Ads that Convert: The Key Ingredients

Being too generic or assuming that your audience will know what you’re talking about in your ad copy is one of the biggest mistakes I see marketers make.

You’ve got to be ultra specific.

Additionally, you need to speak to your audience in a way that they’ll understand.

In order to do this you’l need to have a well defined customer avatar.

In the video below I’ll walk you through a few ad examples, critique them, and offer solutions on how to create Facebook ads that convert.

As you’ll see in the video… it starts by asking yourself a few key questions.

Watch the video now.

Hopefully this video training helps you as a marketer who uses Facebook for marketing your business.


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