negatives into positives

Turning Negatives Into Positives

Day 7 in my video series almost didn’t happen until I remembered how important it is for success to turn your negatives into positives.

While I was having a gloomy day, I kept plowing through the day.

It’s okay for everyone to have an off day from time to time the success of those days lies within how you turn the negatives into positives.

In the video below I share my journey throughout my gloomy day and notice how by doing what was such a challenge for me turned out to actually make me feel 110% better.

Also take note towards the last half as I teach on a very important lesson that no matter how many tragedies or obstacles you have experiences it’s important not to become bitter or resentful over those experiences but dig deep inside yourself to understand that you are who you are because of your life events.  Now it’s up to you as to whether you will turn those negatives into positives going forward in your own life and business.

Turning Negatives into Positives

Share with me in the comment section below how you practice turning your own negatives into positives.

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