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Tips to Fail at MLM Using Facebook

You don’t really want to fail at your MLM using Facebook do you?  Okay I will assume you said NO!

In today’s post I want to discuss many ways you could ruin your MLM using Facebook and to help you get the most out of your time on Facebook.  Truth be told, if you weren’t aware all ready, Facebook can be a REAL time sucker and in a future post I will discuss those time wasters in more detail.

But, first  let me say if you want to build your MLM using Facebook, know that it can be done.  Bill and I have successfully built multiple 6 figure businesses online using Facebook marketing and have become the #1 recruiters in our primary company, Numis.   All via Facebook and building an online presence that leads with value.

There is a misconception though when it comes to building a MLM using Facebook and the very first one has to do with status updates.

The first mistake I see marketers making is jumping in the Facebook game and yelling out their business opportunity / products via their status updates.  Here is the kicker.  Did you know your URL and posts can get banned by Facebook if enough people mark your status updates as spam?  I have seen several URLs like Empower Network, Click Bank, etc….blocked because people have marked these posts in their newsfeed as spam.  It doesn’t take much.  Just a few people marking a URL or post as spam and you are blocked from using that URL or you will be put in Facebook jail for spamming.

Let me give you another example.   Imagine walking down the road and someone jumps out at you from out of nowhere and screams, “Once in a lifetime opportunity! Check it out! We have the best products in the entire industry! You can make 10K in just 30 days! Don’t be a loser!  Check it out now!  Click HERE!”   Would you be receptive to that or highly annoyed?

Don’t be that person.  Build relationships first in your updates by leading with value.  Give people the things they want in our industry.  Many are struggling to build their MLM online and it’s a great opportunity for you to help them and gain their trust.  Trust will win out long before spamming will win you a new recruit or sale.

Another way to fail in your MLM using Facebook is to become a hater, negative bitty, complainer, etc.  Example, if you need one here: “I am so sick of xyz…”  “It’s so annoying….” I hate when a “guru” does….”  Negativity brings people down.  Using Facebook as a marketing avenue to attract quality leads should be done by you becoming an attractive figure and uplifting those who might be struggling in the industry.   Give people hope, encourage them, offer value and build relationships.

Here’s a big one that will help you fail at your MLM using Facebook.  Ready?  Go over to another person’s Facebook Fan Page and drop your links on their Facebook page’s wall.  Need I say more?  Once again all the person has to do is 1. block you from further activities on their page 2. mark you as a spammer to Facebook 3. Call you out and embarrass you for your actions.

Want to ruin your reputation then do the above.

Seriously Facebook has been making it easier and easier to put people in Facebook jail by giving users the options to mark friend requests, messages and status updates and spam.  You have been warned, just saying….

Lastly don’t message people your links unsolicited.  We have built many successful businesses online using Facebook and we did not do it by throwing out unsolicited links in messages to others. If you want better conversion rates instead of just throwing mud up against the wall to see if it sticks build a relationship first with your prospects, get permission to offer your links and you will definitely see more magic happen in your MLM.

The best possible thing you can do with building your MLM using Facebook is to get proper training.  Bill and I have been training many for the past two years on how to successfully build their businesses online using Facebook and we put together a live coaching program to ensure that we are always teaching the latest strategies and updates when it comes to building a successful MLM using Facebook and/or internet business, click here to get our FREE training today.


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