Tips For A Successful Blog


Previously, in a blog I wrote entitled Tips For Writing Blogs, I wrote about ways to improve your blog writing productivity. Today in Tips for a Successful Blog I’d like to examine successful blog writing in a different way. I’ve been given many tips for writing blogs and the two tips I hear most often are:

  1. Produce valuable content and
  2. Be consistent

From what I understand, a lot of people get bogged down from the beginning with creating the blog itself. They get hung up on the look and feel of their blog. They get trapped into thinking that their blog needs to look perfect before they can put any content on it. I mean, God forbid someone out there enters a series of keywords, comes across your blog, finds the content useful, but doesn’t approve of the color scheme of your header. Seriously??? Do you think that if someone feels that the content of your blog is beneficial to their business that they are going to give a crap about your header? Trust me, they won’t. The key to a successful blog is to not worry about the colors and graphics and just produce valuable content.

Here is a comment that was left on my blog from an actual reader…

“As an aside I LOVE that you did what I didn’t have the guts to do, but it’s what I teach everybody that is on my team — “Just put up a bare bones blog and start creating content. Forget the header, forget the fancy graphics, just put up the blog, install the necessary plugins and go at it.”

How many people do you see online still waiting to create content or even build their business because they haven’t “finished their blog?” Kudos to you brother. “

The funny thing about this is:

  1. I didn’t realize I had a bare bones blog
  2. I guess I need to start doing some research on headers and fancy graphics because at the moment I know nothing about either of those things.


More tips for a successful blog

In order to have a successful blog that is highly trafficked you need to take care of your blog. You need to nurture it, feed it, and love it. Treat your blog like you would treat the family dog. You wouldn’t go two or three days without feeding your dog would you? So why would you two to three days without feeding your blog with content?

Especially for those that are new to blogging you want to generate a loyal following of readers. You can only attract and maintain repeat readers by consistently putting out content to your blog. Imagine if someone stumbles across your blog for the first time and they like what they see. That person will likely want to return to your blog in the near future. If upon their return, they see that there is no new content they will most likely not return to your blog in which case you may have just lost a potential loyal reader.


Tips For A Successful Blog

So the two tips for a successful blog are you must produce valuable content and you must do it consistently. Get over the look and feel of your blog. Stop worrying about the color scheme and just start writing. Follow these tips for a successful blog and you will be well on your way to success.


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