Need some tips for writing blogs?

If you’re anything like me you often have trouble writing blogs. I find the process of actually sitting down and writing the blog to be the biggest challenge. I’m too concerned with the order of my ideas, if they’re well enough constructed or even the grammar and spelling. My desire to come up with a polished, coherent product on the first go around tends to bog me down to the point of not writing anything at all.
Sound familiar? My goal in this post is to provide you with useful, practical tips for writing blogs to make the process easier for you.

Here a few tips for writing blogs:

These tips for writing blogs that I have learned will enable you to effectively convert the ideas in your head into words on your computer.
First of all, when writing your blog, don’t bother with punctuation, grammar, or spelling. Don’t even think about that stuff. Spell check will handle all that for you later on. Additionally, don’t get hung up if your ideas are somewhat jumbled or out of order. Just write. If you constantly find yourself editing your blog at the same time you are writing your blog you will end up disrupting the flow of your ideas and breaking up the process.

Wait until after you have your ideas on paper before you start the review/edit process.

Another tip for writing blogs is to just get ideas down on paper; not necessarily ideas in a coherent order or even well constructed ideas; just ideas. I like to call this “throwing up on your computer”. You want to (figuratively speaking of course) throw up ideas onto your computer no matter how good or bad they seem. Whatever is on your mind at the time, whatever you were thinking about in the shower earlier in the day, or whatever popped into your brain at some point and you thought “Ah ha! What a great idea this would be to include in that blog that I never seem able to write.” Just barf up all of these ideas as rapidly as possible with the intent to review and edit later on.


More tips for writing blogs:

Don’t make the idea of writing your blog bigger than it really is. You may be thinking “gosh, I need to create this “Hemingwayesque” masterpiece. Well guess what? You don’t. Over the course of time you will end up writing many, many blogs. Some will be great and some will be only okay. Obviously the more blog you write, the better you will become at blog writing, but you will still have off days or mediocre blogs. Don’t let that deter you. Besides, if even a few of your readers can take something of value from your blog, shouldn’t that be worth it?


When I was in my mid 20’s I lived in a house with two other guys. We decided early on that each of us would be responsible for some function of the house. My job was cleaning the dishes. As you can imagine the dirty dishes tended to pile up. I would walk into the kitchen, see the mess, and think “Geez, It’s going to take forever to clean this mountain of dirty dishes. It seemed like a monumental task that I just assumed procrastinate rather than take on.

My solution to this was to say to myself, “I’m just going to clean dishes for 5-10 minutes. That’s it. I mean, 5-10 minutes of cleaning dishes doesn’t really seem like much. It certainly wasn’t a monumental task. The funny thing is, once I started cleaning for five minutes, it invariably turned into ten. Then ten minutes tuned into fifteen. Before I knew it I had either made a major dent in the pile of dishes or I had them completely washed.

I highly recommend you use this same approach when writing your blog. Simply say to yourself, “I’m just going to write for five or ten minutes.”

Believe me, before you know it you will have been writing for 15, 20, 30 minutes and you will have enough ideas down on paper to come back to later on for editing. You will often surprise yourself.
By utilizing these tips for writing blogs you will be able to write more blogs in less time, thereby freeing up your time to focus on other things like walking the dogs, helping the kids with homework, calling back your leads or writing more blogs.

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