Why You Should Switch To An Instagram Business Account

Instagram Business Account

Instagram recently rolled out the Instagram Business Account feature and from a business standpoint there are some great new features for you to leverage.

For those of you who are currently using Instagram for business or if you’re thinking about using Instagram for your business…

… then this article will explain everything you need to know about the new features.

Currently there aren’t as many features as a Facebook Business account, but I am sure with time we’ll start to see more added features.

When you log into your Instagram account on your phone you should see:

instagram business account






If you click to “Learn More you will see a series of images explaining to you the benefits of switching to an Instagram Business account.

Instagram Business AccountInstagram Business Account









Instagram Business accountInstagram Business Account










After you go through the learn more process, you will be prompted to connect your Facebook Fan Page to your Instagram Business account.

Then you’ll provide your contact information you want available for your followers to see.

That’s it!

You now have converted your Instagram account to an Instagram Business account.

If for some reason you want to switch back it’s not a problem.

Simply go into your Instagram settings and you’ll see a section that says “convert back to a personal account”.

All right so let’s dive into the reasons why you should convert to an Instagram Business account…


Instagram Marketing: Switching Over To A Business Account

With an Instagram Business Account it’s much easier to be found.  

A personal Instagram account only had one place your followers could get access to you.

That was the clickable link in your “About Me” settings.

However, with an Instagram Business account you now have a clickable Contact button where a person can either call, email or get directions to your business.

Instagram Business Account

In the image above we actually didn’t add a phone number to our Instagram Business account.

As a result, the “Call” option does not show up.

However, if we added a number the “Call” option would show up.


6 New Analytics For Instagram

Analytics:  You can’t be a good marketer without knowing your numbers.

Instagram Business accounts now offers 6 new analytics that you can access right inside of the application.

This is a great tool for business owners to see the performance of specific posts.

The analytics can be found at the top right of your profile page.

Instagram Business Account


The 6 New Analytical Features:

1.) Impressions:

You can view your impressions for the week which are the total number of times all of your posts have been seen on Instagram.

2.) Reach:

Your “reach” is the number of unique accounts that have seen your posts.

3.) Website Clicks:

Your “website clicks” are the number of accounts that have tapped on the website link in your bio.

4.) Top Posts Over Last 7 Days:

You can click the image to view insights to see the impressions, reach, and engagement for each post.

5.) Info About Your Followers:

For example you can find the average times your followers are on Instagram on a typical day.

6.) Image Insights

Finally, you can now go to your Instagram profile and click on an individual image to see that images’s insights.

This will show you the impressions, reach and engagement for that image.

Instagram Business Account


Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads: Instagram has made creating an ad easier within it’s application.

No longer do you need to go into your Facebook Ad Manager to create an Instagram Ad.

All you need to do is upload an image and choose the promote button below the image.

Instagram will then walk you through the steps of setting up your promotion.

Instagram Business Account

After clicking the promote button you can choose an Action button:

  • Learn more
  • Watch more
  • Shop now
  • Book now
  • Sign up
  • Contact us

Then you can choose your audience, budget and how long you want to run your promotion for.


Instagram Business Account: Final Thoughts

Because of the recent changes to the Instagram Algorithm, businesses now have the ability to keep their posts in front of their target audience.

So whether you’re already using Instagram for business…

Or if you want to get started right now…

The new Instagram Business Account will help you get:

  1. More views to your posts
  2. More insight into each individual post
  3. More results for your business

Finally, if you’d like a more step by step guide to building your business using Instagram then get your hands on our Top Secret Instagram Marketing Guide

Grab your copy of our Instagram Marketing Guide here…

Now it’s your turn….comment below and share with us how you are using Instagram to build your business.  Are you going to convert to the Instagram Business account?


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