If you’ve stumbled upon this video it’s probably because you’re struggling in network marketing or your struggling in your home based business.

Struggling in Network Marketing:

In this MUST SEE video I’m going to discuss with you the topic of how long it takes before you start seeing success in your network marketing business.

We often get asked the “how long does it take to achieve______?”

Sometimes it’s “how long until I recruit my first person?”

Or “how long until I can make $5k per month?”

Or “how long until I am no longer struggling in network marketing?”

And the answer is always the same…


What I mean by this is you need to keep prospecting people until you recruit your first person.

You need to keep providing value and building your business until you hit the $5k threshold.

You need to keep developing your skills and honing your craft until you are no longer struggling in network marketing.

I realize it’s a somewhat abstract answer but it’s just how it is.

The fact of the matter is that most people won’t stick with it long enough to reach their “until” and that is unfortunate.

But if you remain consistent and continue to improve upon your marketing skills you will eventually reach your goals and your “until”.

The great thing about going “until” you hit your goals is that every day that you are working towards that you are getting better and better at what you’re doing.

The truth is success in network marketing is completely dependent on YOU, it depends on how hard you work, what level of dedication you have in your business, and the skill sets that you are able to learn while trying to build your business. If you’re tired of STRUGGLING in your MLM business then I recommend you check out MLSP.

MLSP is a platform that Michelle and I have used to build multiple SIX figure businesses online! To learn more about MLSP click HERE. 

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