Solavei Review

Solavei Review

Solavei Review – What is Solavei?

So you probably landed on this page because either you’re looking for an unbiased Solavei review, thinking about joining Solavei, or you’ve already joined and now you’re looking for an easier way to build your Solavei business.

Either way I am glad you are here and I will cover now the latest up to date Solavei review.

Here is an unbiased Solavei review

Solavei is considered an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that runs on T-Mobile’s 4G network. The company had it’s official launch on September 21rst 2012. Solavei is a network marketing company offering a social media platform and mobile application that provides contract-free mobile service and pays consumers for adding new members.  They have partnered with T-Mobile’s 4G service to provide an unlimited voice, text, and data plan for $49/month.

Solavei Review – Solavei Compensation

Solavei members can earn $20 per three people they refer to the mobile provider, and therefore can eventually earn their own service for free, or even make money by expanding their network of users. In Solavei you can earn one time path bonuses, trio pay, fast action bonuses (within your first 60 days), and path pay.  Now while this all might seem good on paper the real key to success with Solavei is making sure you have the right system in place for success.

So if you’re wanting to get the most out of the Solavei compensation plan then you’ve got to make sure you have enough people to talk too. Initially you may think to yourself that at $49 a month people joining you in Solavei is a no brainer. However, what you will quickly realize is that a lot of people are under expensive contracts and are unwilling to break them to join Solavei.

Also you may encounter people that aren’t willing to give Solavei a try because it’s still technically a “new” network. People can be really picky about who their mobile service provider is and may not be open to changing to an unknown company. You may also talk to your friends and family and they may be unwilling to switch their mobile service to Solavei because they need a dependable and reliable network. Now you may be thinking “Solavie is technically T-Mobile” and yes T-Mobile has a dependable network but you’re going to have to do a lot of explaining to those that aren’t familiar with Solavei to get them to try out the service.

What happens when you’ve run through all your warm market (friends and family)? What then? Do you really want to go all around town hitting up strangers about Solavei and dealing with rejection until someone says “YES”?

Solavei Review – How to build Solavei the easy way

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