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SocialAdr – A Great Social Bookmarking Site

Just recently we heard about a program, SocialAdr, for getting more traffic to our blog through social bookmarking which creates massive backlinks. We were hesitant at first to give it a try since we were already using another program.  The problem with our current program was it seemed to be lacking a few user friendly features.

So, about two weeks ago we decided to give this new social bookmarking site, SocialAdr a try. Now I am not the most patient person on the planet nor do I claim to be techy. If a program requires me to read instructions then most likely I am out, if I can’t figure it out on my own without instructions.



Surprise! – Social Bookmarking is Easy With SocialAdr

To my surprise, this social bookmarking site, SocialAdr has become one of the easiest programs we have used to date, not to mention the power behind the program is phenomenal . All you have to do is enter your social bookmarking details and other members submit your bookmarks to their accounts automatically. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to get setup. When we say details we mean URL, description, keywords, and category, that’s it!

There are 4 levels of membership.  There is a free version on up to a $100.00 a month paid version.  Each membership is catered towards your specific needs.

The setup wizard  as mentioned above is super easy to use. The free account is fine if you are okay with setting up all your  social bookmarking accounts (only once though) in order to get started. Once you get the set up done all you need to do is share other member’s bookmarks and yes, it’s simple, just click a button. This is only for the free account.  If you decide to go with the paid versions, all the work is done for you.

Once you add your bookmarks to SocialAdr you don’t have to wait long until you start receiving notification that your links have been submitted to the social bookmarking sites.

I must say we are quite impressed with this very easy to use service. All your social bookmarking needs are taken care of within seconds of adding your information to the program.

If you decide to go with this social bookmarking site I suggest you do go with a paid account which will allow you not to have to share other members content. All you do as a paid member is submit your bookmark details.

It’s been about 2 weeks now and we’ve received thousands of backlinks…on AUTOPILOT.

If you’re like me and know good value when you see it, you should definitely give this social bookmarking site, SocialAdr a try, Click HERE.


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