Facebook Social Reach

Facebook Social Reach

How to Improve Your Facebook Social Reach

Facebook Social Reach – The more fans you have on Facebook the bigger your reach.  Yes simple as that but, you may be scratching your head wondering how you can get more fans to expand your social reach.

In this post I am going to give you some ideas on how you can expand your social reach on Facebook and off of Facebook so that your reach will reach out to other sites and bring them back to your Fan Page.

6 Ways to Expand Your Facebook Social Reach

1. Make sure you Facebook Fan Page profile is complete and up to date. This means incorporating keywords into your profile for the search engines to pick up and within your content on your Facebook Fan Page.

2. Engage your audience by posting 2-3 times a day valuable content.  Avoid pitching your business.  The ratio should be 90% value and 10% promotion.  Leave  a call to action on each of your posts that you post on your Facebook Fan Page. For example:

“Do you agree?”

“Click Like if you agree”

“Comment below with your thoughts on this issue”

3. Make sure to add social icons to all your non social stuff so people can connect with your Facebook Fan Page.  For example: your email signature, websites, forum signatures, etc.  This is a GREAT way to increase your social reach to those that do not know your page exists.  Give people a reason to want to visit your Facebook Fan Page.  Encourage them in a sentence in your signature to come visit your page to ask questions about XYZ (whatever you represent).

4. Add buttons to your websites content to promote social sharing. Notice below this blog post we have social buttons to encourage our readers to share our content.  This too will improve your social reach especially if your readers are sharing content that is a hot topic and of value.

5. Find influencers and interact with them. Find other Facebook Fan Pages that influencers in your industry own and interact on their page.  You would be surprised how many of their “followers” you can direct to your Facebook Fan page just by establishing a presence on their page.

6. When people respond to you or ask a question be sure you are talking back to them.  Don’t leave people hanging on your Facebook Fan Page.  You finally peaked their interest and they came to your page to interact or ask a question now it’s your turn to interact and keep them wanting to come back for more.

If you are interested in learning more about expanding your Facebook Social Reach Click HERE and comment below if you think this will help you in your Facebook Marketing efforts.

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