Scentsy Review

Scensty Review

So if you’re reading this Scentsy review, chances are you might be a Scensty representative or you’re looking to join Scentsy and start a home based business. Either way I hope you enjoy this unbiased Scentsy review on Scentsy.

Scentsy Review – So what is Scensty?

Scensty is wickless candle company that promotes it’s products via a network marketing busienss model. Scentsy sells a safe alternative to scented candle products. They use decorative ceramic warmers that melt scented waxes powered by the heat of a light bulb rather than flames. They have been in business since 2004 and in 2010 were named the #1 consumer products company by Inc. They have generated over $1 billion in sales in under 10 years and products are now available in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Europe.

Scentsy Review – How Much Does it Cost to Join Scentsy?

You can become a Scensty distributor for $99.00. You get a Scensty Starter kit which includes:

  • New consultant Start up guide

  • Party Training DVD’s

  • Direct online access to the company website for news, updates, events, and a company sponsored message board

  • Live training calls and Webinars, plus recorded calls for your convenience

  • An Exclusive Scentsy Team Training Website

  • Your own Scentsy Website (for customers to place online orders) Free for the first 90 days, then just $10 / month after.

  • and much more.

Scentsy Reivew -How much does Scentsy pay?

There are different levels in Scensty. Most pay you 20% commission of your personal volume and as you advance you reach a 25% level of commission. You also earn residual income off the other consultants you sponsor after you’ve progressed to different pay levels. Some of the levels you can reach in Scentsy are Essential Consultant, Certified Consultant, Lead Consultant, Start Consultant,  Director, Star Director, and SuperStar Director.

Scentsy Review – How to make REAL money with Scentsy…

Here’s the deal, If you’re serious about making 5 figures a month in Scentsy then I hate to burst your bubble but selling candles all by yourself isn’t going to cut it. You’ve got to leverage the efforts of others to build a MASSIVE Scensty team so that you can lay your claim to some of the INSANE residual payouts that are reserved for TOP Scentsy reps. Selling candles from your home to your friends and family is just NOT going to cut it. Stay with me for a minute. How many candles will you have to sell on your OWN to make over $5,000.00 a at a $25% commission? Here’s the answer: $20,000 THOUSAND dollars worth of product.. You better know an awful lot of candle lovers to get to this goal!

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