Why Can’t I Recruit In My Global Resorts Network Business?


or if it’s not Global Resorts Network….then any other home based business.

I hear this a lot, I am not recruiting or sponsoring in my Global Resorts Network business! What’s wrong with me?  Actually now that I think about it, I hear this not just on my Global Resorts Network team but also in other home based businesses so hang tight and follow along.

So, the other day I was flying out to Phoenix for Mark Hoverson’s live event he was having for our Global Resorts Network team and ran across an article by Todd Falcone.  10 Reasons Why You May Not Be Recruiting and Sponsoring Anyone, was the name of the post and it totally hit home with me.  I wrote his reasons down in the post below so I could share it with my Global Resorts Network team, but added my own descriptions as to why I feel people are not recruiting or sponsoring anyone into their business.  That’s not to say Todd Falcone’s post wasn’t amazing, it’s just I wanted to to put my actual heart into the reason by using my own personal experience.

You ready? This could be exactly why you are not recruiting anyone into your business!

If you want to succeed at Global Resorts Network or any other business then pay attention and let’s look at the reason’s why you may not be sponsoring or recruiting.

10 Reasons Why You May Not Be Recruiting and Sponsoring Anyone

(Note: These reasons are in no particular order)

  1. You aren’t really working. Since Mark Hoverson has put me in charge of his coaching in his private coaching club, I have seen quite a trend.  Not only do I see a trend from his students, I also see a trend with my Global Resorts Network peeps I mentor in this industry.  Many come to me and say, “But, Michelle, I am building this funnel, building this capture page, building this blog, applying your Facebook strategies, communicating with my list, and nothing is happening!”  Well, my first question is how many people have you talked to today about your business?  How many yesterday?  What about last week?  How about for this entire month? If you truly want to make it big, then be honest with yourself and answer this question.  If you are talking to less than 10 people EVERY single day, you are kidding yourself if you think you are working your Global Resorts Network business.
  2. You aren’t asking enough questions. Maybe you are talking to people every day but still, you aren’t bringing people into your business.  Make sure you are asking questions and not just selling your opportunity.  It won’t do your prospect any good if you try and sell them on something that isn’t a fit for them.  Ask them questions first and be inquisitive that way you can focus on what it is that they want and you will have a better convincing reason on “why” they should your Global Resorts Network team.  You can’t just bolt out of the box by telling a prospect how awesome the Global Resorts Network  product is or how much money they will make if that’s not what they are looking for.  ASK QUESTIONS???  Be genuine and focus on what they want.
  3. You’re scared. Get over being scared right now!  If you want this then own it and get out of your head.  Your head is your own worst enemy at times. Do you think you really got good at riding a bike or a sport by just sitting on the side lines?  NO!  Get in there, be uncomfortable and practice till you perfect it.
  4. You’re focused on the wrong thing. Change your mindset and start to focus on what you can do for others.  Find your niche at what you are good at and share the value.  If you are good at social media, run with it!  There are a ton of hungry people all over internet land that are begging for help.  Be that person and become an expert in that field, by reading up or educating yourself on a daily basis. It will change your results, if you focus on helping others and stop focusing just on yourself.
  5. You’re too timid and worried about what they think. Who cares what other’s thinks.  Get out there and own it and be yourself.  You might be surprised how more people will flock to you just because of your passion and personality.
  6. You aren’t finishing. This happens all the time when I ask someone who first tells me they are excited about a prospect they spoke with.  Then a week later they didn’t close the deal because they didn’t finish what they started.  This is a fast way to fail if you are going to act like this.  That prospect’s interest was peaked and it’s up to you to follow up.  If you don’t I can promise you this, someone else will have the drive to finish the deal and you will have lost it.  Quit hoping it will just happen, you MUST follow up.
  7. You don’t have the best deal on the planet, so stop saying you do. One of the lamest statements I have heard in this industry, “We are the GREATEST!” Get real, everyone says this and it screams hype and scam! Want to attract bottom feeders and opportunity jumpers?  Then go for this approach.  But, if you want a great valuable working team you better start leveraging yourself and your team.
  8. You don’t believe. If you don’t believe it will show through in every single aspect of your career.  People will see the energy no matter how hard you try to convince them otherwise.  This is the quickest way to kill your business.  It’s all about mindset and you must believe you are good, your team is good, you are capable, you have skills and you are worth it.  Once you master this you will see results.
  9. You aren’t listening. Start listening and stop trying to re invent the wheel.  Seriously if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.  Follow your mentor or someone you can talk to that is successful and do what they do.  They got there for a reason and wouldn’t it be nice to get there faster by avoiding mistakes???  Make your first 10k a month their way and if you wanna go screw it up after that, you’re free.
  10. You’re scattered. Focus on one company whether it be Global Resorts Network or any other business. Big producers don’t do multiple deals, so why should you. Make sense?

So, I am a very passionate person and honestly hate all the fluff of this industry.  I think the truth speaks louder than words and sometimes that truth hurts.  It takes people like me to show you the truth so you can really look inside yourself and see if you are falling into the above traps.  Best of luck!!!  Feel free to leave me a comment.  Just love them!

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