Why I Don’t Recruit Friends And Family

Oh boy, hopefully I didn’t piss off some people.  Well, honestly if you know me you know I am a bull in a china store (yes, Bill can vouch for this) and this video is totally in line with my behavior. I just felt the need after the comment I received this morning.

I love all my friends and family and sadly I don’t recruit friends and family just because too often I get the rolling of the eyes.

I get the million dollar responses:

  • Oh is this network marketing….pfft!
  • Oh so you are doing a pyramid scheme
  • You didn’t really make a 6 figure income in 6 months
  • Really, come on you really retired your husband from corporate America
  • I can’t do what you do
  • You work too hard
  • I’m too busy to do what you do

Can I just laugh….Okay, I did.  Now you see why I don’t recruit friends and family into our business?  Get over yourself…yes it’s REAL!  Bill and I made it happen and now we are loving every single moment of it.

Not worth it to me.  You just probably love reporting to a boss, having no free time, love NOT doing what you want to do when you want to do it, and enjoy the pyramid scheme of the corporate world ;).

Even though I do not to recruit friends and family some of you, only two so far have done a little investigating and realized, dang…. you want in on it.  Of course once you saw the proof, that is. Yes, it’s easy to find with a little Googling.  So for those friends that have busted through our silence to dig deep into what the heck we do, I am thankful for your persistence and excited to have you a part of our team.

It’s really kind of sad to me because this industry is amazing and it’s an industry where you can live out your dreams of financial and personal freedom.  Why wouldn’t I want to share that with all my dear friends and family?  Guess, you can see why in my video….

For those of you that dug deep it will be amazing to spend our free time out on the beaches of Hawaii together.

So, tell me do you recruit friends and family and if so how did it go?  Leave me a comment below.


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