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Want to Recruit Fast in Your MLM?

Okay let me bring some painful reality to your online marketing efforts, in regards to how to recruit fast.  You might be on our blog because you follow our training because we have built a successful 6 figure business online using online marketing. While online marketing is a great way to build your business, it isn’t going to happen fast and you must realize this if you think you are going to recruit fast into your business

Let me explain, we have a great team member, or shall we say ex team member, who was knocking the socks off of all our other team members in our low ticket MLM.  She had everything in place, awesome online presence, she was hitting the leader boards in MLSP, she was generating leads, and she even had our other growing leaders a bit jealous.  They were all wondering what the heck was she doing and how was she doing it so fast?  When I say she had everything in place, I mean EVERYTHING!  She was on the same path and track to hitting a 6 figure income fast, but…..she quit.  Yep, she quit!  If only she could of seen how close she was.

Oh boy, if  the rest of the team new who this was they would be shocked too. Why did she quit?  Well, she fell short when it came to closing people in her business.  She felt as if she was attracting people who had no money.  Let me just say, that my friend is NO reason to quit.  It’s all a growing process.  You must define the weaknesses in your marketing efforts and educate yourself to be better.  That may very well be spending some money on a course from an expert who can help.

Ultimately it wasn’t happening fast enough for her.

So, how do you recruit fast?

I decided that it’s time to give some people a bit of a reality check when it comes to how to recruit online.

If you want to know the quickest way to recruit people into your business it’s starting with your warm market.  Now I don’t mean go hit up every friend and family member, but take a look at who you are associated it.  Think of your accountant, doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, local bartender, friends at church, PTA friends, dentist, receptionists, your favorite checker at the grocery store, pharmacist, local florist, insurance again, mortgage broker, gym friends, etc…

There is a very simple script you can use to ask.  For example if the person is a close friend:

“Hey John, How’s it going? Listen we have known each other for quite sometime now and I have been looking around at business opportunities lately. I finally found one and am very excited about it. I don’t even know if you are even open to making some additional income or interested in working with me.  I thought of you first since you and I are close.  So if there was a way for you and I to make money together in our own business, you would want to know right?”

If he says YES.  Then say:

“Great, I will send you over some information.  (use the tools your business offers) Take a look at it and if it seems like something you could see yourself doing then let’s reconnect.”

If he says NO.

“No problem John, but do you happen to know someone who might be interested since you are not?  Like someone looking to make additional income, own their own business, or someone tired of working for someone else?”

Then be glad you got a no, because if you want to recruit fast you will need to go through several no’s to get a yes.  It’s a numbers game.

What is important to remember when you are looking to recruit from your warm market is to:

1. Don’t lie

2. Don’t push

3. Dont put them down or insult them

4. Don’t beg

5. Don’t chase

Now say you want to actually go after someone up the socio-economic chain that you know, like a realtor, mortgage broker, insurance agent, etc…  All you are doing here is exposing them and getting their opinion.

“Hi there, how are you doing? Listen…I know your time is valuable, so let me be brief, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you as a business professional and value your opinion.  I know you have been extremely successful in your life and I am seeking the same. So, I have a simple question for you .  I just recently got in on a new business venture, which I am incredibly excited about.  I would love your opinion on what I am doing.  If you have a few minutes, I can send it over to you via email and after you take a look let’s reconnect.”

You see, this approach is a little different because you aren’t asking them directly to consider joining, you are actually just asking for their opinion.  After you reconnect you can find out if they are open and if they are not always, always, always ask if they know someone who would be.  Don’t just say , “Do you know someone?”  Say,  “Do you know someone who would be interested in earning additional income, firing their boss, being an entrepreneur, having a chance to spend more time with their family, etc….”

Things you should remember:

  1. Don’t take anything personally
  2. Remember you are sorting through a ton of no’s to find a yes
  3. Be consistent
  4. Learn from your experience in doing this
  5. Work the numbers
  6. NEVER quit
So, if you want to get your business off the ground fast and recruit at lightening speed don’t fall into the fantasy land of thinking it can be done fast online.
Don’t get me wrong,  we are full blown internet marketers, but we feel their is wrongful information being passed around to brand new marketers who think they can just jump online and recruit in the masses. Online marketing takes a tremendous amount of time.  A ton of failures and many all nighters.  You have to be producing content at least once a day consistently while waiting patiently for that first sale.
It’s like building a house.  But, here’s what happens to 97% of failing online marketers.  They begin a house with a few bricks and get half way up and then abandon the house to move on to the next house.  Before they realize it after a year they look back at a bunch of half built houses and realize non of them were completed.  Aka, failure.
You have to build your house one brick at a time.  Yes it will be painful to build and yes you will want to quit.  But, you must always see the end result and if you don’t finish what you start you will never see the end result.
Hopefully this helps a lot of you who may be discouraged because you are practicing online marketing.  It’s now you….everyone is different and it does take a tremendous amount of effort and time.
My suggestion is, if you want to recruit now, follow my suggestions here and continue building your online empire just know it will take time.
My good friend, Todd Falcone has a great little affordable course on scripts. CLICK HERE.  I highly encourage you to check it out if you want to step up your “A” game on what to say to your warm market and cold market.  No more scrambling for the words, he has it all written in his book and it comes with a ton of tips and strategies.

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