Real Estate Agents Thinking About Network Marketing

Have you ever wondered why real estate agents go into network marketing?

There are several reasons why real estate agents find themselves moving into the network marketing industry. The first reason to me is pretty obvious. Real estate agents get into real estate in the first place because they desired the freedom that the industry offered and they wanted to be their own boss.

They can work when they want and how often they want and there is a different level of accountability compared to a more traditional “office job”. Real Estate professionals don’t have specified hours, “Johnson, you’re late again!” Also, they don’t have a boss breathing down their neck wondering when the TPS reports will be completed. “McGillicuty, I needed those TPS reports an hour ago!!!”

A real estate agent can work very hard and most likely earn a lot of commissions or they could work very little and not earn much at all. Their career structure would fall into the notion of “what you put into it is what you get out of it.” For those of you already in Network Marketing you already know these same traits are essential in your career.


Another reason why real estate agents get into network marketing is for the uncapped earning potential. Both real estate and network marketing have uncapped earning potential. Meaning, if you’re doing well and you’re working hard, you have the ability to earn as much income as you like. On the flip side, if you’re not working hard or doing well, you won’t earn a significant income. This is a perfect example of feast or famine. Successful real estate agents are known as “hunters” and everyone within the industry knows that the hunter mentality is required to be successful.

Real estate agents looking for opportunity

The ability to have freedom, be your own boss, and have uncapped earning potential; these are all reasons why real estate agents gravitate towards network marketing. These reasons all stem from the fact that the exact same mindset is required for both industries. Just like in real estate, network marketers work for themselves. A successful network marketer needs to be a “hunter” in order to provide for their families. A successful network marketer is able to dictate their own future and success by producing results; just as in real estate. There are no guarantees in either real estate or network marketing. You simply have to make it happen for yourself.

Real estate agents thinking about network marketing?

The real estate agents that are thinking about network marketing have a leg up on others. These people are already in the mindset of feast or famine. They are already have the mentality of “I am my own boss and I determine my future.”

In fact, by getting getting into network marketing, real estate agents are finding a new road to travel on, a new opportunity, a new way to reap what they sow. These are the connections between real estate agents and network marketers.

If current real estate agents are looking for a new opportunity they must look into network marketing.

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