How To Rank Your YouTube Video With the Latest Algorithm

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If you want to learn how to rank your YoutTube video or you already have the skill sets to ranking your videos then you might find this interesting.  YouTube like Google is going to be changing their algorithm very soon, which just came to me from an insider source. The algorithm is what YouTube uses to calculate where a video will rank on the first page of the site.  Ranking on first page is key to getting traffic to your videos.

Updates: Rank Your YouTube Video in a Few Simple Steps With the New Algorithm

Rank Your YouTube Video Tip #1 – YouTube will now be looking at how long a viewer views your video.  They will be asking “does the viewer watch the video from start to finish?”  If they do you will get a leg up on the new changes.

Rank Your YouTube Video Tip #2 – YouTube is also now factoring in how many viewers are actually clicking on your other videos and also clicking to view your YouTube channel page.  The more active viewers who are clicking through to more videos will help your rankings with this new algorithm.

Rank Your YouTube Video Tip #3 – Optimizing your videos using SEO strategies, will still be a factor. Which means you want to make sure your keywords are in the title, description and the keyword tags are in place.

Rank Your YouTube Video Tip #4 – YouTube will also be factoring in the amount of likes on your video in calculating as to whether your video will rank on the first page.

With anything you do online just always remember things will always be changing.  This is why it is important that you are constantly staying up to date with your marketing strategies.  If you are looking for the most up to date marketing strategies taught by the most successful marketers in the industry be sure to visit this site: Click HERE

Before I conclude this article I want to give you one more tip to getting more views on your videos?  After you create your video you should consider creating a slide with images of your other videos and place that slide at the end of your video with hyperlinks embedded on that video to direct your traffic to your other videos.  This is a great strategy in helping you get your viewers clicking to your other videos.

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