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Should You or Should You Not Quit Network Marketing

Most people get excited when they start a new business in network marketing.  They are excited, learning quickly, and riding the momentum.  In fact you might even sponsor quite a few from your warm market in the beginning and you feel like a rockstar.  But then….time passes and you hit a dip.  A dip according to a book I was just reading from Seth Godin is the passage between beginner’s luck and real accomplishment. So why do most people not make it through dip and find themselves wanting to quit network marketing?

Should You or Should You Not Quit Network Marketing?

The are several reasons why people quit network marketing during this stretch:

  • You run out of time
  • You run out of money
  • You get scared
  • You are not really that serious
  • You lose interest and enthusiasm
  • You just settle for the fact that you are just mediocre
  • You only focused on the short term and not the long term
  • You think maybe you just picked the wrong business
The difference between the winners and the quitters is the ability to stick it out.  Which tells me it really wasn’t that important to you to succeed. Those who just ignore the facts of not having enough time, money, their fears are the ones who are the successful ones.
Before you quit network marketing here are three helpful questions to ask yourself.
  • Are you panicking? – Stop and really take a look at yourself, and ask if you are panicking because if you are not in an emotional state to make a sound decision about whether you should quit or not.
  • Are your expectations unrealistic? –   If you have unrealistic expectations you certainly are putting unrealistic stress on yourself.  Celebrate the small steps in your journey and those steps will eventually get you from point A to point B and you will at least be able to reward yourself along the way knowing each small victory will eventually turn into one big victory.
  • Are you really doing everything you can? –  I find that most people really are not working as hard as they think they are.  They are letting their excuses blind them from the reality.
So before you decide to quit network marketing take a look inside yourself and make sure you are not panicking, you didn’t set unrealistic expectations of yourself, and most importantly make sure you really have done everything possible (without excuses) to make it happen.

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