Ask The Right Questions to Find Quality Recruits

Looking For Quality Recruits

If you’re looking to build a direct sales team by finding new recruits, you may be wondering about the best way to find prospects who are really interested in your business and who are more likely to become successful. One thing you can do is to ask the right  questions to find quality recruits.

A few simple questions will help you determine if someone is a potential recruit for your company. These will be things like, “Are you in need of additional money?” or “Have you ever wanted to start your own business?”

Other questions will help you determine potential motivators, such as “Do you have children?” or “How does your spouse feel about you working?” Even statements such as “Wouldn’t you love working your own hours?” may give you a lead. Getting a feel for what your prospect wants will help you know how to best meet his or her needs.

When recruiting current customers, or someone who has contacted you specifically to become a recruit, you might ask, “What first interested you in this company?” or  “What’s your favorite part about this particular product or company?”

If you have someone who is pretty sure they want to sign up, but about whom you’re not quite convinced, you might ask something like I do, Why do you think you’d make a good consultant with Global Resorts Network?” (of course insert your company name) “What would be your goals as a consultant on my team?”

You’ll want to ask each recruit how they plan to promote their business. Will they work online only? In my case I might open up the door to where I market my business online with MLSP.  You also might ask do they plan to host shows or parties? How much time do they have to devote to building a successful business? How many hours a week will they want to work? All of these are valid questions that will help you and your recruits gain a better idea of what they want from the company, and how successful they can hope to be.

After all these questions, it’s time to ask your potential recruit, “Do you have any questions?” Give them time to think and formulate their questions; even arrange another date to meet to address their questions. Knowing what your prospects are looking for in a business opportunity will help ensure that neither they, nor you, are wasting time.

Closing Recruits With These Questions

Finally, ask a new recruit that you think will be a good match, “Are you ready to join my team?” or “If you’re ready to sign up, can we order your kit and get you started?”

Asking the right questions that lead up to this final question will help ensure that the majority of new recruits are truly topnotch representatives for your company. This will make your recruits more successful and more productive members of your team.

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