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Powerful Wealth Insights by Ray Higdon

Lately I have noticed a big trend between the successful and non successful people in our industry.  I think the #1 reason that separates winners from the losers is the mindset.

I find that non successful people in our industry are simply unknowingly self sabotaging themselves with excuses, hangups, etc. Not many realize in fact that these are the things holding them back.  Sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking in to help with recognizing these negative habits.

My good friend Ray Higdon one of the best mindset coaches in our industry, has put together one of his most powerful audio series called Vibrational Money Immersion.  This series covers the power wealth insights to break you free of the chains of of may be holding you back from success.

In his course you will learn:

Ray Higdon: Inside This Course You’ll Learn:

  • How to Stop Self-Sabotage
  • THE Only Self-Confidence Formula You Need to Know (without this, all else fails)
  • The Difference Between Synthetic and Creative Imagination, and How to Use Both To GET RICH
  • Forming and Using Mastermind Groups to Reach Your Goals
  • Simple Steps to NEVER Again be Swayed By Other People’s Opinions
  • The Mystical Use of Invisible Counselors and a Secret Revealed

Plus when you purchase this course you will also get 3 fast action bonuses from Ray Higdon:

Fast Action Bonus #1: Fiji Money Acceptance
This never before released audio was recorded in Fiji by Ray, it goes into great detail on why so many people struggle with the simple acceptance of wealth. Retail Value – $39

Fast Action Bonus #2: Almost Lost Law of Attraction Audio
Ray was asked to speak at a Center for Spiritual Living and revealed some of the most powerful secrets when it comes to attracting what you want in your life (including lots of money!) This is one of Ray’s original recordings from YEARS AGO. Retail Value – $39

Fast Action Bonus #3: Lifetime Access to our Online Mastermind Group
Get Feedback and support from our awesome online mastermind group! Retail Value – $99

Right now this audio series is deeply discounted to $29.00.  That’s a 85% savings from what he normally sells this course for, $197.00.

Click HERE to grab the powerful Ray Higdon Vibrational Money Immersion series today and lock in your discounted price.

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