poverty mindsetCharacteristics Of A Poverty Mindset

I think it’s important to note today the characteristics behind a poverty mindset? If you have a poverty mindset, ask yourself how those thoughts serve you? Do they create abundance in your life? Success? Wealth? Positive energy? Or do they take you down a road of negativity and failure?
Take a look at those around you and those you interact with.  Have you ever wondered why some are so positive, great energy, have it all, like good looks, money, success, great connections.  It seems as if everything they touch turns to gold.
How about those who have the qualities to be successful but still fail miserably?  Have you noticed those individuals?
I want to share with you some observations today on how  these two types of individuals think, act, and speak.
A person of a poverty mindset will typically have the following characteristics:
  • They focus on all their problems in life and how life just isn’t fair
  • They dwell on the negative events in their life
  • They focus on the negative things that they really have no control over
  • Attack and gossip about other successful people and freely comment on what is wrong with them
  • Blame, blame, blame everyone for their misfortunes instead of taking responsibility
  • Complain, complain, complain about their competitors, their bosses, their parents, the family, etc….
  • They have strong negative beliefs against groups of individuals who are typically better off than them
  • Turn the focus on themselves about how they have done XYZ for so many people yet feel they never receive anything in return that they feel they deserve
  • They are always looking for the quick fix solution to their problems
  • They tend to have the mindset of they have it all figured out and are not open to new ideas, especially from those who could help (successful people)
  • They feel that programs that could help them should be free and they take on the mentality that they deserve it, yet if it is free it’s now worth it probably

The non poverty mindset individuals:

  • The are always trying new strategies they are learning
  • They have ideas to help others or themselves
  • They talk graciously about people who lead and inspire them
  • They believe the more relationships formed the happier they will be
  • They believe that money is only a tool to help them achieve higher goals
  • They are positive and talk about the positive events in their life
  • They always see the glass is always half full in any situation
  • They are not afraid to invest money on their education because they know knowledge is power
  • When life throws them lemons, they make lemonade and don’t complain in the process
  • Obstacles are just challenges that they WILL overcome
  • The surround themselves with other successful people and truly add them into their circle as allies not enemies
  • They are always open to feedback, new ideas, mentoring, suggestions as they know their way isn’t always the right way but are always open to learning

If You Think You Have a Poverty Mindset It’s Time to Break It!

Engaging in limiting thoughts limits your ability to succeed.  There have been many studies in psychology and other areas that prove that our thought patterns influence our well being. If you can become aware of the poverty mindset you can change it.  If you are unhappy with your current situation, you can change it by changing your limiting beliefs.  Look to those around you that are successful and judge their behavior, their acts, what they say and reach out to them.
Discover today some new skills and stop your limiting beliefs.  The first step, my friend is to become aware of the poverty mindset and take action today to make a change.
If you are suffering from a poverty mindset it’s probably from habits that were created throughout your childhood, adolescence, and adult life. The best way to break those habits are to create a new set of habits that will serve you and not your mind.
The choice is yours.  Choose today how you want to live your life and surround yourself with positive thoughts, actions and words. You deserve success and you can have it by ridding your poverty mindset and filling your mind with abundance, relaxation, joy and most of all positive energy.



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