Painful MLM Truth

painful mlm truth

painful mlm truth









I sit here this evening at 11:46 PM and have come to a painful MLM truth realization.  Yes, I will probably get criticized for this but, I feel I need to share this with you if you are an up and coming leader or are just getting started in this industry and have plans on being a successful leader.  Save yourself some time and listen up.  Learn from what I have discovered and gone through.  Mistakes are great, it only means you are growing.   By the way…..this is Michelle (me) writing this.

I have wasted a lot of my precious time which quite frankly is now worth about $750 bucks at least an hour.  I have put my heart and soul into students only for them to suck the energy and time out of me and quit.  Painful MLM truth, it’s all my FAULT.

Painful MLM Truth in Leadership

My leadership and business has been on overdrive since April of 2011. I have created a 6 figure income in a very short time, recognized as one of the top leaders inside of My Lead System Pro / MLSP, generated over 30K in sales in just 2 hours and one of the top recruiters in my business. I have spoken at Live the Dream II event and other various events locally.  I have been asked to conduct my Facebook training webinars for several lists of 7 figure and 8 figure earners in our industry.  I have been mentored by the best in our industry and have no plans on stopping now.  Only to name a few here….

I guess I have always contributed some of this success to helping others and  offering to reach out to take their hand.  As Mark Hoverson just told me recently I am a teacher at heart and this may not be the best when it comes to selling. His theory, you need to leave just enough on the table to make people want more.  If you leave too much on the table people will feel full and not crave more.  Result…..lack of sales.  Sadly, my teaching heart, I believe may have actually been holding me back.

Let me give you a few examples: We sign people up in My Lead System Pro / MLSP everyday and I offer our members on our team weekly training webinars, take their calls and answer all their emails, skype calls, text messages in regards to their obstacles.  No matter how much training I have offered in the past, I still find many don’t actually show up.  Then when they want help, I quickly realize I already taught that in a training and they could of simply attended and we wouldn’t be having a conversation at all.  What I have come to realize is I am babysitting. I am catering to the “I can’t do it” mentality.  I am enabling this lack of perseverance by being their go to person as soon as they hit an obstacle.  Result….attracting non motivated, non driven individuals that do not have the strength to figure out how to overcome the obstacles on their own. While I always knew this in the back of my head and at times would bang my head against the wall, I continued this behavior.  Bottom line is…..Bill and I have the same tools each and everyone of you have, that’s right there inside MLSP / My Lead System Pro, so why am I acting like support?

Stop the whining, complaining, and step up to the game and make it happen just as we did.  We all have the same access to the same tools it boils down to how you use them to your advantage.

Painful MLM Truth Example II:

I have recently recruited several people into my Numis business or GRN business who have simply just fallen off the face of the earth.  Okay let’s just call it what it is….they QUIT.  Why did they quit?  Well truthfully in my opinion they didn’t have a big enough emotion and drive behind their “why” to overcome the obstacles.  Really to be honest, it’s the last time I put my time into someone unless they prove to me they can be self sufficient and I can see some results.  Yes, there….I said it.  I have officially become one of those “gurus” and the funny thing is…..I once took pride in myself because I wasn’t like those “gurus”. Shame on me, now I understand why they have to do what they do.  If they didn’t they wouldn’t find the cream of the crop.  The individuals that are capable of rising up out of the crowd of people who don’t have what it takes to make it.

Don’t get me wrong here and say, “Gee Michelle, that’s a little harsh.” I have a great training program in place for any new person that joins my team and I am 110% confident that if they follow it they can succeed, that’s if they have a big enough “why”.

As I have said in the past, this business is NOT easy and if you don’t have a big enough “why” then you probably should just go back to finding yourself a boss.  Because…here’s the painful mlm truth, if your why is something along the lines of:

  • I want more money
  • I want to stay home with my kids
  • I want to travel the world
  • I want to be my own boss
  • I want set my own schedule
  • etc….

Then I want to ask you, who doesn’t want those things?  Those reasons are not big enough, defined enough or full of clarity to get you through the obstacles you are going to face in your journey to get to 6 or 7 figures.

Get yourself a pen and paper and write your “why” then write a paragraph packed with emotion behind why you want what you are seeking.  If you can’t truly clarify it with deep emotion then it isn’t big enough!  You will know if your “why” is backed with emotion when you can clearly state it and say “DAMN IT! I am going to make it happen come hell or high water!”  “I don’t care how big the mountain is or how impossible it is to climb!”  “I WILL CLIMB IT!”

Trust me you will need it because once you hit that obstacle and not the first one or the second one, it will be the ones after that, you will need more of that original emotion to get you through it.  If you don’t you will turn your reasons into excuses as to why you can’t do it.  Oh, trust me…..I have heard them all and people are REAL good at convincing themselves they have a good reason when in reality it’s just an excuse in the eyes of the smart ones.

Get it?

Okay, so back to the people who quit.  Yes, it was probably my fault.  I attracted people who wanted to be babysat.  Don’t get me wrong if you are on my team right now and you are sticking with me.  You are not who I am talking about.  I am about to embark on a train that’s going to move fast and if you are ready to take hold we are about to go for a ride of your lifetime.  But, you better be willing to work hard and be consistent or you will fall off.

I take full responsibility for my actions in the past and no longer will I be accepting people who need hand holding and babysitting.  I am not technical support, I am not your babysitter, I am a leader and if you want to learn how I did it then pay close attention because we are about to make your head spin and you can either choose to come along or you can stay behind.  It’s all up to you.

Bottom line to the painful MLM truth is no whiners, complainers, nay sayers, cry babies, beggers or weak minded individuals, this club is for action takers only.  See you at the top!


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