In this video I discuss how you can overcome objections. Oftentimes in MLM prospecting we come across many different types of objections.

Overcoming Objections:

Step 1: Don’t try to handle an objection the MOMENT it pops up. It’s best not to immediately rush to overcome your prospects objection, instead try pausing for a moment, be mindful that they have a valid objection and take that into consideration prior to trying to overcome it.

Step 2: Be an active listener, they’ve thrown the objection and now it’s your turn to show them you care. Repeat their objection and say “So I hear you’re concerned about XXX” This allows you to confirm their objection and well as shows you’re trying to listen to them and help them.

Step 3: You want to explore their objection further. Example: I understand that the compensation plan is of your concern, so let’s discuss this a bit further in more detail. This allows for better communication and a further understanding of how you can prospect while you overcome objections.

Step 4: Address objection through a short story, you’ve asked questions, you’ve empathized, etc. You can refer to a testimonial from a prior client, and share the results that were achieved and how you overcame the objections.

Step 5: Check back in with the prospect. So you’ve gone through steps 1-4 at this point and now you’re working to overcome the objection.

Step 6: Move forward, now say GREAT time to move forward. Then transition into your close and try to get a YES or a NO from your prospect.

Remember when prospecting, overcoming objections is crucial to success.

So I hope you enjoyed this video on how to over come objections, feel free to check out the other posts on this site for additional prospecting, recruiting, and sales training.

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