Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear

Want to start overcoming fear? Rule #1 learn to get use to being uncomfortable. If you want to learn how to become a fearless prospector, closer, or leader you are going to have to get comfortable being uncomfortable to achieve success. Bottom line is many people fear change because they lose some degree of control over the outcome. Many people tend to fear changing even though they know deep down it isn’t best for them. So, ask yourself do you fear success?

In my experience I see many people who resist  what they don’t understand which is preventing them from growing because they want to stay where it is safe. By resisting the fear of the unknown you are hindering yourself from creating a greater opportunity for your family.  Imagine now embracing fear and start to realize what you can learn from that fear.  That’s exactly what I am going to show you how to do in this post.

Is Fear Real and Are You Capable of Overcoming Fear?

Sure fear is real just like any other emotion that is like being happy, sad, angry, frustrated, and excited.  What you must know is that your fear is not based on logic or reality.  It’s just simply a “feeling” just like those previously mentioned.  There are two parts to fear.  One, the feeling of feeling fear and the other being what we actually fear that triggers us into the fear.

To help you understand, let’s just say someone puts a gun to your head.  Chances are you are going to jump right into feeling fearful.  So let’s discuss those two parts again.  One, you are feeling fear and two you are fearing the outcome of what is going to happen next since you have a gun to your head. But, what are you really afraid of?  Is it the gun to your head?  No….  How about that the person may really pull the trigger and lead to your demise.  The trigger though has not been pulled yet, right?

So, how can you start overcoming fear? Let’s instead focus on the positive when you are faced with fear.  Since fear is just a negative assumption why not focus on a positive assumption instead.  What do you really want to happen?

In that past I feared calling prospects on the phone because I feared them hanging up on me, stumbling over my words, not knowing what to say to them, how to handle their objections, and quite possibly them just being rude to me.  But, once I changed my negative assumption to a positive one I quickly was able to start overcoming fear.  Instead of thinking all the previous negative thoughts, I started to think about how rewarding it would be if I actually could help someone in need. Bottom line is the negative and the positive thoughts are created with the same tool, our imagination.  You have a choice when it comes to overcoming fear, because you are in control of your own thoughts.

The problem with fear is most people spend more time focusing on what they fear rather than their dreams they want to create.  Let’s face it we are all really good at articulating what we don’t want to happen and fall short of coming up with the vivid pictures of what we do want, our goals & dreams.

If you continually know what you don’t want in life instead of what you do want, where do you think your energy is going to stay focused on? Give your dreams and goals a chance and focus on the positive outcome of what you fear.  That way you can put your energy into moving forward instead of staying stuck.  Become a fearless leader by following this process to overcoming fear!




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