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OrGano Gold Scam: True Statement?

OrGano Gold has been around since 2008 and has been generating buzz by it’s distributors. Reports have shown that in the first year of operation, OrGano Gold had 31 distributors or “rings” who earned over $100,000.  Many even hit the $250,000 – $300,000 income level.  These numbers are quite impressive for a company in it’s first year.  So far the OrGano Gold Scam in this honest third party review does not exist, when it comes to income statements.

OrGano Gold since 2008 has stood out not only as a business opportunity but as a network marketing solid company. Why? First off it is possible to earn a full time income with only retailing the products.  Though not typical, most MLM companies prefer affiliates to promote the business opportunity and then focus second on the retailing of the product.

OrGano Gold is considered a health and wellness and their products have been in demand by their customers and their distributors. The leadership team at OrGano Gold has clearly been driving affiliates to promote the product rather than recruit new distributors. This has produced a unique blueprint within the network marketing industry.

OrGano Gold uses an herb called Ganoderma Lucidum in their health and wellness product. This particular herb has been used in China for thousands of years to promote health and healing. Back in China only the emperors and/or members of nobility were allowed to take this herb and the herb was thought to be more precious than gold.

The OrGano Gold herb that is used also boosts the immune system.  Not only does it boost the immune system it has also been said it carries anti-aging properties, weight loss properties, and even cancer fighting properties.

With this herb, OrGano Gold took it and added it to the most popular morning beverage, coffee. This brew creates a acidic base instead of alkaline, which gives it a greater advantage over it’s competitiors.

OrGano Gold Scam?  The Compensation Plan 

The compensation plan has three levels which are Bronze, Silver & Gold.  Each level has specific performance bonuses tagged to them. OrGano Gold offers and extensive line of marketing materials.  They also offer webinars, conferences, and many other training options for the distributors to educate themselves on.

All in all, OrGano Gold has had some amazing results in just a few short years. I wouldn’t say OrGano Gold Scam is a legitimate statement.  What I have found is that when distributors start their new business with OrGano Gold they start with unrealistic expectations.  Many fail simply because they didn’t receive a proven method to generating leads when their warm market ran out.  If you find yourself in this position and you are struggling to build your OrGano Gold business you might want to consider what the top leaders at OrGano Gold are using to build their businesses online.  Click HERE for more information on how you can generate upwards of 57 leads a day, earn over 19 streams of income and sponsor more reps into your OrGano business starting today.

Hopefully you will find that this article does not find the OrGano Gold Scam statement a fact.  With a lucrative compensation plan, a solid product, and right attitude, and a proven marketing system one can succeed at OrGano Gold.

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