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Success in Online Marketing Can Happen It's Really a Matter of How Bad You Want It.

I want to take you on a journey and share with you some ups and some downs in online marketing as I grew over the past year.

One year ago to almost this day, I was just venturing in on the online marketing world.  I was broke, I was frustrated with my upline, I was confused, I was overwhelmed, I was lost, and I didn't have a clue how to wrap my mind around how online marketing worked.  Right when I was just about to give up on online marketing, I discovered a system call My Lead System Pro.  I was testing out another online marketing competitor system, but decided to give it up since it just seemed to be missing a community spirit.

But, let's back up to day 1.  It was March of 2010 and I was eating lunch with a friend who had been on a diet program she was having great success with.  I was happy for her, but I felt like she was pitching me and I was totally against network marketing.  I had that typical mindset of how it was a pyramid and no one makes any money, except for those at the top. 

I will be honest I was intrigued by a supplement that she was sampling out, that would help with ADD. Now, I have ADD and my light bulb clicked on and I said to her, "okay I want to at least try your sample!"  I mean why not I thought, if it gives me energy and helps me focus then then I was all in. 

Online Marketing

The next day I took this little supplement and was blown away!  I was able to focus, felt incredible, wasn't hungry, and everything seemed so crystal clear.  I thought to myself that this couldn't possibly be legal.  Well, it was for now and I knew I could probably sell the crap out of this.  Hesitant still I signed up with her in this company and my journey began. 

I sold the weight loss program to my mom she ha huge success and I was pitching every Tom, Dick and Harry about how wonderful these products were.  I was in a learning phase and listening to my upline.  I plugged in to every conference call and attended every webinar I could that the company was hosting.  Looking back, I know realize I was really just addicted to the hype.

I continued pitching about how wonderful this opportunity was, even though I hadn't made but a few hundred bucks, that was enough to cover my autoship.  I was pitching how amazing the products were all over every social media outlet out there.

I spent about 4 months rising up the ranks only to make $900.00 on my biggest month.  I worked freaking hard and worked 12-15 hours for $900 bucks!  Not only that I was exhausted, my friends had blocked my status updates, they didn't want to see what I had to say.  They were on Facebook to socialize not to get pitched.  I was really disgusted with myself after those months and realized there had to be a better way.
(thought about quitting)

But, I didn't quit. What happened over the next few weeks rocked my world and I felt as if every person in this industry was a dirt bag.  You see my upline lied to me and I happened to pop in a call I was not suppose to be on, where they were talking about how they were moving over to a new company.  I felt betrayed because no one bothered to include me in on this conversation and I felt like they were good friends of mine. I actually thought they cared about my best interest.  Well, was I wrong.  I even had bought a ticket to Phoenix the day before to attend a big company event only to find out that the leader of this event was the ring leader in this phone conversation she was conducting about leaving this company for another one.  Ugh!!!  I was furious and the drama unfolded.  Lots of backstabbing, gossip, drama and I couldn't trust anyone.  (wanted to quit again)

I didn't, but what happened was I was pushed up to a guy named, Eric, who was a top leader in the company.  He was now my direct sponsor.  I had only heard of him as someone who was recruiting through online marketing, which was completely foreign to me.  So, I picked up the phone and introduced myself and explained the drama.  The recent events, of course impacted him too, since this part of his leg was leaving and they were income producing for him.

Throughout the next two months I tried to figure out how he used online marketing, but it just went over my head.  He really didn't have a lot of time for me since he was busy himself.  I would call him and he would point me in a direction and I had to figure it out on my own.  My head was spinning.  I had no budget at all and I couldn't afford to buy any courses.  I did scrounge up the money to buy one course he was selling called the MLM Launch Formula.  Lol…..I had no clue after buying that course what the heck I was launching.  Ummm….I sidelined that course and continued on my journey into online marketing.

So here I was in August, no direction, overwhelmed with information, sucked into this "guru" and that "guru", no money, and just disappointed that I couldn't get what it was people were doing through online marketing to make all this money.  (really thought I just needed to quit online marketing)

Then one day I discovered MLSP – My Lead System Pro.  The system to me appeared to have everything I was trying to build on my own, a capture page, a sales page, a bootcamp, email autoresponder series and so much more. There was training galore! Training I had been wasting hours upon hours searching for on the internet, it was right in this system at my finger tips.  I was amazed. 

I figured what the heck, I would invest in the two week trial and boy, was I glad I did. Things started to come together for me.  I decided to put blinders on and literally throw away everything I had been creating to focus on MLSP.  I got in and started out just like my sponsor told me to do, in Step 1 then Step 2.  I didn't venture out in the online marketing world because I knew this was my last chance to make this online marketing thing happen.  I needed it to click this time.  I was so much buy the book in doing the steps that I amazed myself!  I had no clue I such discipline. 

Eric and I remained in the same company.  We started to really click and become partners plus good friends.  I spent a full day getting everything in place with MLSP and started to dabble in Facebook Ads.  I generated my first lead that very day I joined MLSP.  I was excited.  I didn't have a big budget though, like a $1 a day…haha  But, I used that $1 wisely to generate leads back when Facebook was a lot cheaper.

I had a few ups and a few downs through that first month but for the most part I felt as if I was finally making progress.  Until, I got wind that Eric may be leaving the company too that we were with.  I was determined to find out where and I knew I was going to follow him.  He was my only mentor at that time and the only person that I felt I could trust at that time.  I remember the conversation well, "I don't care where you are going I am going too!" 

He was delighted but, it was going to cost me 3,000 to get in.  Oh my!  How was I going to come up with 3K to join him and Mark Hoverson in my next venture.  I wasn't stupid, I knew that this was my next step if I wanted to step up my game.  I still wasn't having much success yet because I was still mastering my phone and closing skills. Though, I knew I had to do whatever it took to get that money to go with Eric.

One problem, I was getting married in October and it was draining everything we had to make that happen. There was no way my husband would allow me to do this, I thought.  Don't get me wrong he believed in me and respected my drive but 3K? 

The time came and the wedding was over and I needed to pull the trigger or I was going to be stuck forever in no money land.  We just spent over 20K on a wedding, 7K on a honeymoon, hit by a hurricane down there and had over 2K expenses to get out of the island and I had to figure out how to find another 3k.

Well, I did….and didn't tell my lovely hubby.  I didn't lie but I didn't quite tell him how much it cost.  That my friend was my drive to make this work quickly!  I had to recover my money fast and there wasn't an mountain high enough that I was not going to be able to climb.

Fast foward to today…..

My Online Marketing Success

Had I of not taking risks in my business, had I of quit on all those times I wanted too, I would not be where I am today after 1 year of venturing into the online marketing world.  Let me share those accomplishments with you in a somewhat organized order of events that took place:

  • Had my first 10K week using online marketing
  • Started to generate upwards of 30 leads a day using MLSP
  • Became one of the top leaders at Global Resorts Network
  • #1 Sponsor in North America in Usana from the month of March – May
  • Featured in the Usana quarterly magazine
  • MLSP member of the month
  • MLSP member of the master's marketing team
  • Asked to host weekly webinars frequently for MLSP members
  • Won an invite to the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Houseboat Party by taking 3rd place in the affiliate contest with my partners
  • #2 sponsor since joining my new business in NUMIS
  • Won a cruise through NUMIS through my recruiting efforts
  • 6 figure income in 6 months
  • Have built up a list of over 3K subscribers
  • Have built up a fanpage over 4K fans
  • Generate over 10K a month through multiple streams of income
  • Well known for my Facebook Marketing strategies to building my business
  • Developed my own Facebook Marketing course
  • Featured in Magnetic Sponsoring's magazine WWN
  • Been invited to hosted webinars for the members of WWN
  • Speaking at the upcoming Live the Dream Event in Orlando, Fl hosted by MLSP

Now…..those are only a few of the online marketing accomplishments.  But, the biggest one is that my husband, Bill Pescosolido was able to quit his job do work our business full time as of this week.  This to me is one of my biggest accomplishments. 

What if I had quit?  My online marketing journey was not an easy one and trust me I did leave out some details in this post that would have your head spin as to why I stuck it out.  But, I did.

The point of this post is to inspire you and allow you to see a bit into my life.  I wanted you to see a bit of the journey I went on to get to where I am today.  No it wasn't easy and I am not going to fluff this, I have a strict work ethic.  I work many 12 hour days building my online marketing business.  In the beginning I pulled many all nighters.  I guess you could say I was addicted to making it happen and I had the mindset that nothing would stop me. 

In fact….if you stuck and obstacle in my way, I would overcome it.  If you challenged me I would meet it head on.  I've been called Fearless by Daegan Smith and too ignorant to know better by Mark Hoverson.  Both of those qualities are the part of the reasons why I have been so successful in the online marketing world.  Not to mention, I am bull in a china store, I am hard worker, I have a type A personality, I am driven, I am passionate about what I do, I lead with value to everyone who follow, I am a warrior, and I won't back down till I hit the top of the online marketing world!

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