Online Marketing: What NOT to do in your first 90 days of marketing.

Online Marketing:

So what should you NOT do when you’re new to online marketing. There are TWO things I would not do but in this video I will cover only one of them. So be on the lookout for the next video as well! So first off, I would NOT start off BLOGGING!

Why? Well first of all, when you get online and want to do internet marketing you want make money online! So when I first started I was trying to do Facebook marketing, but I was also trying to have a presence online.

I had to buy a domain, had to figure out WordPress and figure out how to add a theme, and set up my tabs, and add content, and figure out plugins, and SEO, and this and that, etc it was TIME CONSUMING! It took me about 3 months to figure all this out, then I installed Google analytics after spending weeks posting content and found out NO ONE was visiting my website. WHY? Because I didn’t have a traffic strategy, so then I tried to figure out SEO and it was a NIGHTMARE! It was complicated, and everyone had their own way of doing it so I couldn’t get an exact way to rank my content on Google, and quite frankly I had no clue how to do it.

So instead I focused on the money making activities instead, which in my case was taking a high converting offer, and putting in place a paid traffic strategy which allowed me to drive traffic to my offer, get leads and new subscribers and start building a relationship with those leads so that I could MAKE SALES! I mean that’s the reason most of us get into online marketing anyways right?

We want to make money ONLINE!

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